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And Just Like That

Season 2

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 17 days ago 4 min read

Season 1 of And Just Like That was fine…it definitely still felt like Sex and the City. But I love mediocre drama so here we go with the second season of the revival. The new characters they introduced last season are still in play. Though they are good characters it feels like they are trying so hard to replace Samantha.

We open the season with the group going to the Met Ball. And Carrie wears her wedding dress, the group mistreats Anthony, and Chris Jackson continues to be the best of husbands.

Carrie sleeping with her podcast producer was always kind of a bad idea but at least she didn’t lead him on and crush him like I think we were all expecting her too.

Charlotte and her PTA friend are actually the best part of this revival. They are so funny. They find out someone in their kids' high school made a MILF list, and as they are numbers #2 and #3 on the list they really don’t have a problem with it. The only creepy thing is that there is a whole group of these women started to objectify a high schooler and it was super weird and unnecessary.

Carrie is recording the audio version of her new book and therefore has to relive Big’s death. I hated Big, I hated Big and Carrie and I love that he’s gone but watching her get emotional over having to read the chapter about finding him was so well done. Sarah Jessica Parker is a great actress.

This anniversary party is painful. How do you forget to send the invitations? You had a single job bro…the way I would have killed him on the spot. Charlotte gets a job offer. I want her to go back to art so badly, that is truly what she was made for. And then these guys' parents get into it and it's actually hilarious.

Che and Miranda;s relationship has always been a ticking time bomb but with the weird ex (kind of) husband threesome I just know this is going to blow right up. I know Che went out to be with Miranda but like…I really don’t see Miranda being okay with Che being so…open. Also their relationship has never made sense to me anyway, they have 0 chemistry there is absolutely no connection whatsoever.

Carrie once again has to reconcile with the fact that she is getting older. Which I understand is a very real struggle for a lot of women, especially considering that society has deemed us useless after 30 but it's just so repetitive and irritating. Like you’re 55 get over it, it's not like it happened all at once you knew it was happening.

Lisa wanting Herbert to dress up as George Washington for this Halloween party is so funny. A wonderful deep cut joke just for me we love to see it. For those of you who don’t get it, Herbert is played by Christopher Jackson who played George Washington in Hamilton.

“Mine’s an all my fault divorce” cut to a happy family all having time together on a Sunday morning. That’s phenomenal writing and editing.

Honestly when the whole Miranda-Che thing blew up I really thought it was going to be Miranda’s fault but Che is definitely on one. A friendly reminder that as soon as your depression affects other people you are the asshole.

So it might just be Max’s app but the only time it does this is with this show…every time there would be like a “commercial” break the screen goes like black and there is a really hard cut. I think the transitions on this show are largely poorly done.

Steve yelling at Miranda was 100% correct. She needed to hear it and he needed to say it and nothing he said was wrong. She was always selfish with him. And she had the AUDACITY to be angry with him after she found a condom as if she didn’t leave him for Che. She’s annoying and pathetic. And then Che finally breaks up with her, which is also correct. Miranda was always meant to be alone honestly, she is shit in relationships.

Carrie emailing Aiden is pathetic thing #100. Attempting to go back to a boyfriend that you cheated on, got engaged to and broke up with again is the definition of pathetic. That isn't moving on, that’s moving backwards and it really shows her immaturity and entire lack of growth.

So sorry to the original cast but without Samantha the group just does not hold up. The new characters are 100X more interesting then the original girls. This show is actually better than the original because of Nya, Lisa and Seema.

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