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And Just Like That...

Season 1

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 20 days ago 6 min read

So when I found out Sex and the City was getting a revival, I binge watched the entire original series and the movies. Just to pick up the first episode, hate everything and stop watching it. But I was home sick today so I decided to try again so here I go, with the first season of Just Like That, the Sex and the City revival.

I will say Big dying was a great decision because I truly hate the fact that he and Carrie ended up together. He was always horrible to her, she was always stupid and insufferable for going back to him and I just am so glad that they are permanently done.

I very much hate SJP and the writers and whoever else contributed to Kim Catrall not coming back. Samantha was always the best part of the show and the best friend of the group. Not having her back is a travesty, and we only get mentions of her. HATE IT.

That one friend at Big’s funeral…”Am I the only one who remembers what a prick he was to her?” GIRL YES. He was a bad person and a bad partner. Do we REALLY care that he’s gone?

There is this weird tension between Stanford and Charlotte because of like who loves Carrie more? It’s really strange and unnecessary and it's like they were trying to create tension out of nothing.

HE LEFT A MILLION DOLLARS TO HIS EX-WIFE HAHAHAHA, the one he cheated on with Carrie that is insane. And then, as any grieving widow would, Carrie spirals and starts obsessing about why. To the point where she kind of starts stalking Natasha to find out why he would leave her money.

“He ruined our happy sad ending”...yeah Carrie because he sucks. Big was a garbage person and you were kind of perfect for each other because so are you.

When she finally gets to confront Natasha, Carrie finds out that she has no idea why Big would leave her money anyway. And so Carrie’s hyperfixation concludes and it's the first time we see her cry after Big’s death.

After this episode first came out everyone was shitting on how unfunny Che’s set was, but honestly it sounded exactly like 90% of stand up comedy sets. It had funny parts and the delivery was 100% spot on.

I don’t have a problem with the foundation of Miranda and Che’s storyline. There are a few reports and studies that indicate that women get gayer as they get older. And here's the deal, Miranda was never all in on Steve. Not in the original series, either time they were together, and not in the revival.

Carrie ends up going to her old apartment that apparently she still has for some reason…that makes sense.

I also don’t get the complaints that the revival changed who these women were in the original series. Charlotte is still very concerned about her image (which she ALWAYS was), Carrie is still selfish and irritating, Miranda is still having internal issues despite being very put together in her personal life. Also why are we acting like all old people don’t stall out on technology as they get older? The only thing completely out of character is Sam not being there.

Now I will say that the way that they portrayed Carrie’s grief was really well done. She’s a little erratic and irrational, and she’s emotional and Sarah Jessica Parker does a really great job with showing the range of emotions that grief puts you through.

As much as I think this show did not need a revival I really appreciate that it exists solely for the reason that women get older representation that depicts them as actual people and not old women whose lives are over. Our group of women is still figuring out their lives and dealing with change and though that may not always be executed brilliantly, it's needed.

Carrie is recovering in a hospital bed with pearls on…god she’s insufferable.

Miranda is clearly having a midlife crisis, having a baby with Steve trapped her and honestly I could have told you that during the original series. She also very clearly has a drinking problem.

Carrie ends up writing a book about her love and loss with Big and because it's super depressing her editor asks her to go on a date and attempt to write an epilogue that is slightly more hopeful. The date didn't go well because they decided to drink like teenagers so they started vomiting as soon as they left the restaurant. And then Charlotte auctions Carrie off at a school auction….or tries to but no one bids. A super awkward way to kill your self esteem.

Miranda and Che have sex for reals and Miranda thinks she's in love with Che. But again she's really just having a midlife crisis. And I LOVE that Che calls her out on her cheating and lying. So Miranda decides to tell Steve she wants a divorce (something that I am quite frankly surprised hasn’t happened yet).

I’m sorry but I can not get past the fact that Carrie not only still has her apartment but is back living in it. That's like next level pathetic to me, imagine moving backwards at 50+ years old. And as her old apartment is a young person's apartment she now has issues with her new neighbor.

Miranda is realizing that a relationship with Che is not going to be what she’s used to. Miranda is very overzealous and too excited. That said Che shouldn’t have dropped the L word if she wasn’t ready for a little bit of commitment. Steve has always deserved better than Miranda and we need to stop acting otherwise.

Sorry to everyone who's wrong but the revival is actually very true to the original series. Carrie is emotionally stunted, and selfish. Charlotte is judgy and overly concerned with how she appears to other people. Miranda is inconsiderate and has no idea what she wants personally. This is all extremely accurate to how they have always been and if you think they were gonna grow up you really don’t understand how people work.

Also I really hate that they keep mentioning Samantha and show Carrie texting her but they didn't bother paying Kim Cattrall to come back. Insulting to her and your fanbase dudes, not cool. And quite frankly I don’t care if she asked for more money, Sam was the best part of the original series and she deserves to be paid as such.

Che singing is random but what else are you going to do with Tony award winning Sarah Ramirez in your cast? Pretty sure that's why the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy exists.

Carrie finally spreads Big's ashes and then hooks up with her podcast producer.

Overall I honestly see no quality difference between this and the original series, I feel like some of you have not watched the original recently enough. It does not hold up. This was a very accurate representation of these characters in their 50s and I think you were expecting too much from them.

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