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Put a Sock in It

by Monique Star 2 years ago in fan fiction
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Which socks are superior?

Mild warning: Remus being Remus

"What is up, everybody?"

That was what he shouted to the camera three times; each of those times was followed by some noise that came from upstairs that derailed his train of thought. Thomas initially considered trying again, but a silly thought came to him: if he didn't do anything, then the noise wouldn't interrupt him. He stayed frozen for a while and kept his ear out. Once he considered trying again, the noise came back.

Thomas was as annoyed as he was curious, so he climbed up the stairs to hear the noise better. He didn't look behind him once he reached the stop for fear that Janus would take the chance to push him back down. It didn't take long for Thomas to follow the noise to his bedroom, but he froze upon opening it. He didn't know what was the most shocking: seeing Sky and Gavin feuding, seeing a multitude of Virgil puppets when only one was originally made, more space in his room than usual, or his Sides in seats like they were watching some kind of sport.

Thomas silently made his way over to the Sides while dodging socks flung by Gavin and Sky before awkwardly sitting down.

"Um, anyone want to explain what happened?" Thomas asked which caused Logan to look somewhat giddy.

"Well, Sky visited us the same way you, and presumably Dan and Phil, visited Lilly Singh when you first introduced everyone to Virgil. Gavin was the first to see her and they talked before Patton checked on him and hugged Sky. Long story short, things led to a debate on whether the Virgil sock puppet is more superior to the Virgil sock or visa versa and it led to more of us witnessing the fight and placing bets on the fight," Logan explained.

"Don't worry, neither of them are crusty; I had my hands tied by a snake boi," Remus claimed while glaring at a smirking Janus.

"Okay...disgusting remarks aside, who did everyone bet on?" Thomas asked out of curiosity.

"Well, Patton wanted me to love myself, so I bet on Sky," Virgil explained before whispering "Plus, it means I'm secretly supporting myself getting beaten".

"Padre and I placed our bets on Catboy. He hates the sight of Virgil getting hurt. Meanwhile, I just favor what I figured was the result of my 'put a sock in it' remark from before," Roman pointed out.

"I insisted on seeing the kid get beat by the teenager, so I forced Double D to bet on the wavy-haired nugget with me," Remus proclaimed.

As Thomas brought his attention back to the feud, he felt relieved that the ammo was at least soft for both of them. He noticed that Sky was stretching the socks enough for the sake of using them as slingshots for the other socks in her possession before turning his head to bring his attention to Gavin meowing and joking that the puppets were eating themselves before being spat out since he was still wearing one puppet on his hand. After some time, they stopped once Sky mentioned the idea of making the puppets out of the Virgil socks. They both ran out of the room excitedly before all the other Sides gave their money to Logan.

"Wait, what did you bet on, Logan?" Thomas asked.

"Simple: I bet that it wouldn't matter in an ad."

After the majority of the community fell silent everywhere but Youtube, they were more than eager to message Sky and tease that she's, once again, famous. Even with the surprise she participated in, no one knew how high Sky's excitement was to receive her long awaited Sanders Sides socks.

fan fiction

About the author

Monique Star

I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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