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Pro Wrestling is Cyclical


By DJ RobbinsPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Pro Wrestling is Cyclical
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Professional Wrestling is cyclical. It will have periods where it is worth watching and others where it isn't. Triple H has done a much better job than I thought he would as a boss. Cody vs Roman this past Wrestlemania was amazing. The lead-up was amazing. The Rock went from beloved WWE superstar to psychotic Heel.

Cody's dead father was brought up last year just for Cody to lose. It was inconceivable. It seemed like such a slimeball thing to do. Incorporating Cody's mom into the rivalry felt sleazy and made The Rock seem like a legit, lecherous asshole.

The Rock was my favorite wrestler growing up and I cheered against him at Mania. It was storytelling done right. It was how I imagined the territory days were booked. Cody was a very white meat babyface. The Rock and Roman were way more charismatic than Cody on the mic. But the heels were so evil and needed to be stopped, Cody had to win.

It was all done with storytelling. It was the first time in decades that I felt like I had to watch Mania. I was going to miss out on something special if I did not tune in to see this past Mania.

When Cody won, it felt amazing, akin to seeing your team win the Super Bowl, as far as wrestling is concerned. It was amazing Cody finally won. Nothing can or will come close to that feeling and so...Wrestling is cyclical. Roman just carried your show for how long?

Cody was made for a one-time-feel-good moment and now that the heat is paid off.. it is over. Cody is not a talker. His promos work for AEW marks and they got tired of him. He is not naturally charismatic. He needs a heel to bully him and to lead him. MJF beat him with a strap and that got over.

What top heel could carry Cody? Nobody. What wrestler today seems as legit a tough guy as Roman or The Rock? Gunther lost to Sami Zayn. Who could take Gunther seriously too and he has brutal chops, you could not buy that guy any charisma.

Bayley beat her opponent and won her title, and with Rhea and Charlotte hurt, who cares about the rest of the women's division? Bianca and Jade are there, but they have no charisma either.

The tag team division in WWE has not mattered in decades.There is nothing to look forward to in either the men's or women's division as far as a competitive tag team division. People who judge the product too harshly can relax. Wrestling is cyclical. AL Snow himself even said this in a shoot interview.

Wrestling is simple. It is based on character. Talk me into watching you. If no wrestler has that in your company then why do I care? The Attitude era proved good characters can overcome bad storylines. Bad characters cannot save a good storyline. Roman and The Rock saved a bland hero because of empathy for Cody.

He seemed like the nicer guy. Roman and The Rock were hateful psychopaths and Cody needed to win the strap. Wrestling too foten depeneds on white meat heels and white meat babyfaces and with no heat- no one gets over.

Fans that appreciate a good match are niche. The casual fan wants The Rock or Austin or something big. This past Mania engaged the audience as well as the casual fan.

Nothing will be better than that for a long time. Bayley's friends betraying her and Cody fighting for his family's honor was compelling storytelling nothing will come close for quite sometime in wrestling.


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