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Planet Tetro ~ Page 5

by Terrence 2 months ago in entertainment
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Wtf is that?

He listened intently to my every word . When I felt like I had satisfied his curiosity, I stopped. There was a small silence for awhile. “Yes!” He said sternly. I want to become an explorer too! Your life seems awesome, take me with! He was serious, because of everything that happened, I didn’t even second guess having a stranger tag along. “Sure!” I replied . “ The fact that I’m a pro ranked explorer gives me two privileges. For one, I can bring in a trainee from a different village. 2 they can start as my assistant. After 6 months of him helping me with quests, he can get his beginners license. There are 3 ranks, Beginner, Pro, and Master.

It wasn’t that bad of a walk back to the village . What made it faster was the fact that he made me run with him half the way, with barely a rest after! He told me that since I was going to help him become an explorer, that he was going to toughen me up. He explained that he has the power to enhance his muscles for an hour per day, it’s usually recovered while he rests. Which gives him extra speed, power and endurance.

I introduced him to my best friend Bulls Eye, and they seemed to hit it off. He's of the canine species like me. We look similar, I'm just grey and white while he's black, grey and white. Also, I am worried that they might want to find out who’s tougher out of the two. If I were to be the judge, I’d say that they were around even. We made him a decent cot in our living area and then decided to show him our small town. I took them both on a trip to the woods. I let them know I had a surprise to show Bulls Eye at a popular hunting spot.

When we arrived, I showed them what the surprise was. “Look!” I said, as I pulled out the device. It's a mechanical lens that helps you zoom in on targets. He has a visual power that doesn’t let him miss. The only way to dodge him, is to move fast enough. I’ve never seen him miss. “This will increase your range by at least 3x your usual.” I said. “Wow, first the drill now these lenses you really might have a power. I was skeptical at first!” Bulls Eye replied bursting out in laughter, “ This is good! Very good!” He said it in a scarily menacing way. He scares people that don’t know how nice he is, or if they’re a natural tough guy like John. Who started laughing in unison. Which I found funny so then we were all laughing. Me and my friends, I thought to myself, good times.... We took turns trying the lens while shooting hanging fruit in trees with bows. It wasn’t the best targets for Bulls eye’s skills , but 3 loud guys rarely make for ideal hunting situations.

Thud! Thud! Is what I woke up too in the middle of the night. “What the fuck is that?” I wondered angrily as I put on my robe and grabbed my drill. Although in the back of my mind I was admitting that if we were being robbed , John and Bulls Eye would probably handle things better. Still, I hoped that they were alright. We have a two story home, so John technically has the first floor to himself while we are sleeping. Then I started to worry for the robbers, as I had flashbacks from my last little situation. Thud!! Thud!! The sound got louder as I got closer. The lights were off, so even from the top of the stairs I couldn’t see what was going on. Thud!! Thud!!Thud!! Thud!! The sound got louder and faster, as I creeped down the stairs....


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