Pixar Theory: Who Are Boo's Parents?

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Wow, this is a good theory.

Pixar Theory: Who Are Boo's Parents?

For years, Pixar theorists have been wondering about who Andy's dad is in Toy Story, and whether the cars in Cars are really cars or just animals that look like cars. And one of the most profound questions when it comes to Pixar movies is: who are Boo's parents in Monsters, Inc.?

Well, the SuperCarlinBrothers have come up with a theory as to who Boo's parents are in Monsters, Inc. I'll leave their video at the end of the article.

So, Here's the Theory!

First, we need to establish that Boo's real name is Mary Gibbs, according to one of the novelizations of Monsters, Inc. She shares a name with her voice actress, and we see her name written on one of her drawings.

Now, we're gonna have to do a little mini theory inside of this theory. And we're gonna say that Boo is a super. As in, a super from The Incredibles. How do we know this? Well, throughout the film, we see her demonstrate abilities to teleport.

For example, take a look at this scene in which Boo teleports multiple times.

At one point, Sulley puts Boo in her room, closes the door, turns around, and finds her standing in front of him with no time for her to slip back out. And she also somehow got onto Sulley's back after he left her room.

This isn't even the only instance of it happening. Take a look at these screenshots from a scene later in the movie.

So, she clearly teleported in this scene. This means that she's a super. And in The Incredibles, it's quite clear that a couple with superpowers (Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl) will have children who also have superpowers (Dash, Violet, Jack-Jack).

This means that if Boo is a super, then her parents must also be supers. But the question is – who are they?

Well, before we can make an assumption on who her parents are, we have to decide when Monsters, Inc. takes place in the human world. As in, when the monsters go through the doors into the human world, what year are they entering?

How are we gonna figure this out? Well, J from the SuperCarlinBrothers has found clues that could tell us when it takes place. In the bedrooms of multiple children, we see vintage Disneyland posters.

Given that all of these old Disney posters are hanging in the walls of multiple children's bedrooms, it's likely that the movie takes place in 1955, the year that Disneyland first opened.

Also, Woody's Roundup aired in the early 1950s, meaning that it would be very popular with children, which is why Boo has a Jessie doll in her bedroom.

And if Boo is two years old in 1955, that means she was born in 1953.

Now, on The Incredibles side of things, we know that the films take place in 1962, as this is the date seen on Bob's newspaper.

"MONDAY, MAY 16TH, 1962"

So, who was old enough to be Boo's mother in the 1950s? I mean, it definitely wasn't Elastigirl, because they don't have a fourth child, but we'll just get it out of the way: it's Edna Mode.

I mean, in 1953, she would have been old enough to give birth to a child. However, in Incredibles 2, she says that she was never afflicted with children.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that she never gave birth to a child. It DOES mean that she has never raised one. And giving away a child is definitely something that Edna would do, given how focused on her career she is. She doesn't just design supersuits. She also designs clothes for supermodels.

Now, in The Incredibles, Edna says this:

"Men at Robert's age are often unstable. Prone to weakness."

That's a weird quote from someone who isn't in a relationship. So, it seems safe to assume that in the past, she has dated someone near Robert's age who was unstable, and didn't want the burden of raising a child.

She also says that she is not a baby person, which is why she would give the baby away.

Now, it's unlikely that Edna is a super because she hasn't shown any superpowers, but in order for her child, Boo, to have teleportation abilities, she would need to have had the child with a male super. But who?

There are a ton of male supers that she could have had Boo with, but J believes that the super she had a child with was Metaman.

If you look under his Personality, you can see that he is "indecisive" and "deeply committed to hero work", meaning that he would be a perfect candidate for Boo's dad, as he would be unstable, and would be too committed to hero work to raise a child.

So, there's your answer: Boo's parents are Edna Mode and Metaman. They gave up Boo for adoption because neither wanted to raise a child, but who did they give Boo to? Well, let's look at the "No Capes" monologue.

When she is saying why she wouldn't design a suit with a cape, she first brings up Thunderhead, who she describes as "good with kids". Why would she say that Thunderhead was good with kids, giving him a short description despite not describing any of the other supers in her monologue?

It's very likely that Edna and Metaman gave Boo to Thunderhead, as he was good with kids. But that's not all. If you look at his NSA file, look what it says under Personality:

It says he is an adopted single father of five children and raises them with his roommate, Scott.

And we know that Thunderhead knew Edna and Metaman, as they both attended Bob and Helen's wedding.

So, if you're familiar with the famous Pixar Theory, then here's how the entire story goes:

In 1953, Metaman and Edna Mode have a child together named Mary. However, they are both too committed to their work to share the burden of raising a child, so they allow Thunderhead to adopt her. Two years after her birth, Mary gets taken into the monster world where she befriends two monsters named Mike and Sulley. Three years after her brief adventure, her adoptive father, Thunderhead, dies in an accident, and she spends the rest of her life working with bears and time travel technology, trying to find the one other father figure she ever cared about: Sulley. And through the time traveling doors, she ends up as the witch in Brave.

Wow. The fact that Boo was born to characters in The Incredibles, goes into the monster world of Monsters, Inc., and grows up to give a spell to Merida from Brave really shows how much she ties the Pixar universe together.

Anyways, that's the theory. I hope you guys liked it, and this theory was created by the SuperCarlinBrothers. If you haven't checked out their channel yet, please do. They make the best videos on the net about Pixar, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. And their video on the theory is right here:

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