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No Way Home Is The Best Spiderman Movie


By ShinxPublished about a year ago 11 min read

No Way Home is the best spiderman movie

Well at least for live action spiderman movies because the spider-verse is incredible, but yeah No Way Home is my new favorite spiderman movie of all time and definitely in the top three of MCU films, which is crazy because looking at the plot on paper seems too wacky to be good. Seriously if you told me that villains from the previous spiderman films (Green Goblin, Dr. Ock, Lizard, Sandman, and Electro) was going to come back, and Andrew and Tobey’s spiderman are going to pop in with Tom Holland’s spiderman, and there would be Dr. Strange and a cameo from a certain someone all in one damn movie? I would have laughed. Then on top of it all liked it? Yeah right.

But now when this movie was announced, I went a bit bonkers and you know growing up watching all the Spidermans I was a bit excited but I was terrified to enter the theater thinking that this is gonna be one huge fan service mess and not good. And yeah No Way Home is not good…it’s great.

It is so fantastic that I couldn’t stop thinking about it after seeing it and just started writing this mess. It’s so damn good.


The Webheads

Since Tom Holland came out as the new Spiderman and Homecoming and Far From Home happened, a lot of people had issues with Tom’s spider man because unlike Andrew and Tobey he didn’t lose much. I mean there was the running joke of Tom spidey being Iron Man Jr. and was even in the damn movie. Also he basically gifted his spider suit, doesn’t have friends that turn evil and try to kill him, doesn’t lose Uncle Ben over him letting go of the killer, and yeah overall I would agree he had a more softer background compared to Andrew and Tobey.

It did change a bit after Iron Man died, who was his main father figure. I mean that shit was heart shattering, but in No Way Home the heartbreak is cranked up to the max because instead of losing one person he loses everybody.

Before I get too deep into Tom Holland's Spiderman, I first have to talk about Tobey and Andrew who I didn’t think would have such a big role in the film. I thought they were just going to show up in the last scene and help Tom fight all the villains at the end, but instead we get to really see these characters in a new light. Especially for Andrew.

Now maybe this is controversial, but I have always liked Andrew’s Spiderman. He is quirky, charming, and sarcastic yet also hides his issues deep down and uses his humor to diminish it. Then I also liked The Amazing Spiderman Movies. Yeah they aren’t great or compared to Tobey’s Spiderman, but I still enjoyed his movies. I always liked Andrew’s spiderman and his films, but I know when his movies first came out everyone shitted on him. So I was scared of how the audience would react to his return and fortunately they loved him.

Everytime he showed up on screen, the theater I went to exploded. He was charming, funny, and emotional. Andrew is redeemed in this fillm, and he had some great parts. Like when he gave his small speech about losing Gwen, and then he caught MJ and got emotional because it reminded him of Gwen really hit me in the heart. Seeing him breakdown when he caught MJ was emotional and heartbreaking, and Andrew shows those emotions really well. Andrew was always a good spiderman and now people are finally seeing it because he got a better script and was able to shine. So much so that he trended on twitter multiple times and people were begging for The Amazing Spider Man 3. I’m just so glad we got to see Andrew Spiderman flourish in this film and leave a great impression.

Now onto Tobey, I loved seeing him too. He was the wiser, more mature spiderman out of the three yet still was awkward and sweet. He was the older brother of the three, looking out for them, and I am so glad to hear that him and Mary Jane are still together. It made me smile hearing that. Tobey was a bit outshined by Andrews’ appearance, but he still did amazing, especially at the end when he stopped Tom Spiderman from killing Osborne.

The death of Osborne has haunted Tobey’s Spiderman, and so seeing him stop Tom’s spiderman from killing Osborne with the glider was also a redemption. It was an emotional scene, and really shows how much Tobey Spiderman has regretted Osborne's death, and wanted to save him, even though Osborne is insane.

All three of them had great chemistry and like I said were brothers. Tobey the mature and wiser older brother, Andrew the chaotic and charming middle brother, and Tom being the childish and most hopeful little brother. Even the scene where they are talking and giving Andrew a pep-talk was so sweet to me. I love their interactions and seeing them all together, but of course our main spiderman stole the show.

As I said earlier Tom’s Spiderman had a softer background compared to the other two, but in this movie everything changes. Tom tries to save all the villains and in doing so causes the death of Aunt May, which completely shook me to my core. I mean she stood right back up and gave her little “With great power comes great responsibility” speech, so I thought she was ok but nope. She fell back down and she didn’t make it. Now Tom can do a damn good job when it comes to crying scenes, because when he sat there crying, staring at Aunt May I was crying too. It also hit me hard because Aunt May was his mother figure, and already he lost Tony Stark who was his father figure, and now they are both gone. He lost both of his parents in a short time span, and he lost Aunt May for trying to do the right thing. Then that scene of him in the rain, with blood and tears on his face really hurt me.

Then that is not all that he lost, he lost…well he lost it all. He lost everything. He made the hard choice of making Dr. Strange to cast the spell of everyone forgetting Peter Parker, and it ruined me. He sacrificed everything for the greater good, in ole spiderman style, and honestly in my opinion having everyone forget about you is worse than death. Like look at MJ for instance.

She still is alive, yet Toms’ Spidey lost his love and he could’ve given his letter or speech to MJ about how they did know each other, but instead for her protection he let’s her go. Imagine seeing someone you love and them not remembering you at all, and then knowing they are still out there but you can’t be with them for their safety. Then don’t get me started on Ned, that was his best friend and honestly it hurts more to see Tom’s best friend forget about him than Tobey’s best friend Harry trying to kill him. I know they aren’t comparable, and maybe I’m the only one thinking of it, but the way Tom lost his friends hurt me on a whole different level.

Then there is the scene with Happy at the end and it just also hurts because Happy was like an Uncle to Tom’s Spidey, and was always there for him. But now he is alone. He gave up his friends, family, his education, his future, the avengers, and everything and went back to square one. He has gone back to being Spiderman who lives in a crappy apartment and makes his own suit, and it is a great ending to his trilogy.

Looking back, in Tom’s trilogy he wasn’t spiderman until the very end. In Homecoming he wanted to be a hero and part of the avengers, the in Far From Home he started to grow more as a hero and try to balance his personal life and hero life, and finally in No Way Home being completely stripped of everything and having to be on his own for the first time, finally being a hero.

This whole trilogy was Tom’s Spidey origin story. He was never spider man until he sacrificed everything, and I mean literally everything, for the greater good. Seeing Tom’s arch was an emotional rollercoaster and one of the many reasons why I love this movie so much. All of our webheads get a great story and we really get a better understanding of them.Honestly if a kid who doesn’t know Tobey or Andrew watched this film, No Way Home is a great introduction of these characters and they just have a lot of heart. Then with Tom, well he finally is the spiderman we knew, living alone in a crappy apartment, making his own suits, and just being the friendly neighborhood spider man that we all adore.

No Way Home is the best spiderman movie to me, and one of my favorites. It is heartfelt, emotional, makes you laugh, makes you cry, and makes you smile. It was a great movie and I just wish I could have seen it for the first time again.

But there are a few more things I would like to mention real quick.

Daredevil Appearance

Ten minutes into the movie and I am already losing my mind because my man Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil made a cameo. This literally shook me to my core seeing him after so long. Daredevil is one of the best shows Netflix has ever made and I love Matt and his story, but of course, stupid shit happens and the show got canceled. Just ripping out my fragile little heart. So seeing Daredevil was such a highlight for me, especially after he caught that brick and then said, “I’m a really good lawyer.” It’s just insane to me that Daredevil is back!

But this also leads me to many questions like does that mean the Daredevil Netflix series is canon in the MCU? Are The Defenders going to show up too if the Netflix shows are canon? And if they are canon then where was Daredevil during the whole blip I wonder or are they going to reintroduce him? I have no idea. I mean I had a feeling Daredevil might show up after Kingpin in Hawkeye but damn it still was shocking to actually see my man on the screen again. It was so nice, but he only had one small scene, and we are left with nothing but questions about what Marvel's plan is for Daredevil.

My wish is that Daredevil from Netflix is moved to Disney Plus and gets another season, or even better would be a Daredevil movie, but who knows?

The Villains

Honestly, I had no idea what would happen to the villains and how they would interact, but they all had great chemistry I think. Seeing Dr. Ock and Green Goblin interact was especially great because they were friends in the Tobey universe but we never got to see them together since Green Goblin died before Otto was introduced. Speaking of Green Goblin I am so glad he got a redesign and the mask was taken off because William Dafoe facial expressions are so visceral. You can tell he loves playing Green Goblin and just embodies the character. Also the same with Alfred Molina who was made to play Otto. You can tell he loves playing that character, and I love how Dr. Ock is in this film. Especially when his chipped is fixed and replaced, and he is cured just made my heart happy.

Sandman and Lizard didn’t do much for me personally. They were just there, but Electro also caught my attention. Green Goblin is the ultimate spidey villain, but Electro in this movie was amazing. I liked Max Dillon played by Jamie Fox in the Amazing Spiderman Two, but in No Way Home he really shines for me. Electro's main thing is that he wants to be seen and heard. When he was normal Max Dillon he was pushed over and walked on like an ant, but once he got his powers he made everyone else the ants. But in No Way Home it’s different.

Yes he still wants to be seen, and yeah he doesn’t want to go back to his universe cause he dies, but in No Way Home he got a new look. No more eyeglasses and crooked teeth. No more blue skin either, he looks like… Jamie Fox. I mean duh he’s played by Jamie Fox, but what I mean is that he feels more confident and cooler in Tom Holland’s universe, and that is all he wanted in his world. He wants to look cool, be more attractive, feel more confident, and feel noticeable and he gets that in Tom Holland’s spider-man universe. So with this new look and chance of redefining himself, of course he wouldn’t want to go back to his own universe.

Overall the villains were great and I am so glad they were all cured, because at the end of the day Spiderman wanted to help them, not kill them. No Way Home is a movie that shouldn’t have worked, but it did. It worked amazingly well and is a movie that I feel every Spiderman fan will enjoy.


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