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My Top Horror Movies Part 2

Back in Action

By Travis JohnsonPublished 6 months ago 6 min read

Hey, welcome back! It’s time for the second part of this list. This one will be a little different. When we get down to the final ten I’ll be talking more in depth about each of these movies and why I chose them. I could do that for every movie here but who’s gonna read all that? What I will say again is these are just my movies that I love and I know some of these entries might make you scratch your head, but but don’t be an elitist 😁. It’s all subjective right?

50. The Mist

49. Sometimes They Comeback Again

48. Dracula 2000

47. The Strangers

46. Jeepers Creepers 2

45. Megan is Missing

44. Black Christmas

43. Happy Birthday To Me

42. Cry Wolf

41. Sleepy Hollow

40. They

39. The Black Phone

38. V/H/S

37. An American Werewolf in London

36. My Soul to Take

35. Wolf Creek

34. Cloverfield

33. Saw

32. High Tension ( Haute Tension)

31. The Invisible Man

30. The Thing

29. Dominique

28. The Birds

27. The Faculty

26. The Conjuring

25. The Ring

24. House on Haunted Hill

23. Pet Sematary 2

22. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

21. The Haunting

20. Us

19. Prom Night

18. Oculus

17. Valentine

16. The Blair Witch Project

15. Candyman

14. Trick ‘r Treat

13. Urban Legend

12. Carrie

11. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

10. Child’s Play

This and the third one are kind of interchangeable but ultimately this is the better movie. Somehow it never feels fake I always walk away feeling like this can happen and it’s great fun! What a way to introduce Chucky!

9. The Pact

This is the scariest movie that I have seen in recent memory. I heard a lot of good things about it maybe six years ago and I decided to watch it. Why did I do that in the dark! not a good idea. Even though this is scary, the story never loses you. But if you don’t pay attention it could, this movie it has layers to it. Each layer of the film is different and unpredictable.

8. Night of The Living Dead

The movie they made me and everybody else fall in love with zombies the end also having a lead of color was a bonus. And no matter how good the movies afterwards are, the original is always going to be one of the best movies ever made I believe because of more of what it says about us as people then the fact that there are zombies in it.

7. The Exorcist

This is an excellent movie in general let alone an excellent horror film. Reputation definitely preceded this movie for me. It took me years to watch it because I was always scared to. It lives up to all the hype, and I get why people say it’s the best horror film ever. It probably is.

6. The Poltergeist

I can’t believe this movie is rated PG!! But there isn’t much blood in it so I guess that’s why. But I can’t imagine kids were that excited about seeing this when it came out lol. At the end of the day The poltergeist is just a good movie, with haunts and thrills. And that’s what it does for me. Classic

5. Scream

Scream is the reason so many slashers I have on this list have been made. It reinvigorated the genre and it continues to do so today. I always say ghostface is the most scary because it could be anybody and can really happen. Scream ultimately made us like slashers again.

4. Creepshow 2

This movie still scares me to this day from start to finish. Every single story is frightening, and I don’t know why I watched this as a child but nonetheless, it stuck with me and it still does it is just so creepy in movie all the right ways. Certain images from this movie are etched in my brain. As a sequel most people don’t like it compared to the first movie. But I love it!

3. IT

Aside from creepshow 2, this movie scared me more than any other movie I watched growing up. And of course that’s due to Tim Curry. His performance as Pennywise is one of the best all-time performances in any movie in any genre. He definitely shines in both parts. I also like how self-contained the story is since it all takes place in a small town, and I definitely feel the anxiety due to the setting. The rest of the cast aren’t chop liver either.

2. Scream 2

Screen to like his predecessor is full of suspense. Great characters, even though we don’t spend as much time as we share it with some of them are as I would’ve like. Everything is bigger and better with this one for me, and it was always such a better more enjoyable ride that I get out of watching this one, and the last act itself is one for the books the saying with the girl is one for the books I mean there’s so many things I keep going on about that make this a stand out it is my favorite sequel Until the recent scream six but even still, this one will always be another one of my list. As far as good movies go I mean, how could you go bad with any of them because none of them are awful. This franchise been one of the more consistent ones throughout the years. I still imagine what it is that I would do if I experienced the opening of this movie in real life like, how would I react to something like that. A sequel of sequels.

1. Halloween 🎃

Couldn’t have this list without Halloween it’s my favorite horror movie ever. It’s one that still scares me as well . John Carpenter created such tension and the whole time your wondering when is Michael going to show up again.The scenes at night are especially frightening. The shape is so menacing and we don’t know why. The way angles are played with and shadows as well are simple but effective. The mask itself is a standout because it looks like a ghost come to life. The way Michael Myers moves is as if he has no identity. It goes hand in hand with that mask, since it also has no identity.Everything about this just works, and a lot didn’t even need to be done to achieve it. Jamie Lee Curtis is the perfect Scream Queen as our first or one of our first. It’s always scary every time I watch it. It Has stood the test of time, and that’s why Halloween is my number one pick!

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