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My Review of "Seinfeld: Season 6"

Here is yet another another evolution for the Seinfeld series. It's almost at its final form!

By Brian AnonymousPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Seinfeld: Season 6 spans the years of 1994 and 1995. The series has undergone quite the metamorphosis from the first season. The biggest transformation you kind of witness by the fourth season. This season feels more of a growth from the last season. There isn't a main ongoing story but the Seinfeld universe is constantly growing with more and more situational stories.

This season we get a few more stars and cultural references. I was around during the 90s so I still understand a lot of the pop cultural references they are making. Those that weren't around might not understand the cultural significance of certain things in this season. That's a little different from the other seasons. Prior to this season the show did a pretty good job to not focus too much attention to pop culture or at least explain them.

In this season I felt there was a certain confidence in the writing that they know you're a fan of the show. Their call backs of previous episodes happen a little more often and there's less explanations. That goes the same for the pop cultural references. This is the season when they really start having confidence in their audience to keep up with their inside jokes. More often than not if you've made it up to season 6 you probably do know what's going on.

Still I think if you will be able to keep up if you randomly watch an episode from this season. The references might not make sense but in general that's not what the episodes are about. If you understand the pop cultural references and call backs to old episodes then it's just icing on the cake. This season just as hilarious as the last season.

They do have some interesting changes through. They let certain jokes brood from one episode to the next for extra pay off. There's also less stand-up from Jerry. We're focusing more on the episode's story and don't really need Jerry to have a stand-up set to set up the situation for the audience.

Some notable episodes for this season include: "The Pledge Drive", "The Chinese Woman", "The Beard", and "The Jimmy". Starting off with "The Pledge Drive", There's just so much that happens in this episode it's choas but hilarious chaos. Jerry cashes in a birthday check from his grandmother that she can't afford. That kicks off a whirlwind of problems while Elaine has hilarious miscommunication situations with her friend's boyfriend. All this while there's this hilarious trend starting up because of Elaine's boss Mr. Pitt.

"The Chinese Woman" is particularly funny to me because of my Chinese background. Jerry crosses path with a woman who he originally thought was Chinese. She might not be Chinese but she does all of these weird things in her daily life to make people think that she is. The miscommunication of this situation is hilarious.

"The Beard" is about Elaine trying to convert a gay male friend because she really likes him. That's got some fun but the real funny part of this episode is the police situation with Jerry and Kramer. Jerry has to go through a lie detector because a police officer doesn't believe the fact that he doesn't watch Melrose Place. Can Jerry beat the lie detector?

Finally, "The Jimmy" is one of my all time favorite episodes. It all culminates from a guy named Jimmy that refers to himself as a third person. George is enamored by this guy and tries to go in business with him. He also takes on a few of Jimmy's unfavorable traits. Meanwhile through a series of events Kramer is mistaken as a mentally challenged individual and is honored at a charity event. Stories like this could never air today for sure.

Overall, I loved this season and I feel that this is the season that is evolving it to it's final form. The show is full of confidence and is not relying on too much other than the story. That's why I have to give this season a 9 out of 10. It is something you could rewatch and have a great time. I can't wait to see the next season.


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