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My Review of "Seinfeld: Season 4"

This is the season where the series really found itself.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Seinfeld: Season 4 came out during 1992 and 1993. This season is a revelation and a culmination of what we saw from season 3. Closer to the end of season 3 I started to get into some of the belly ache laughing episodes. It was a good introduction of what was to come for this season.

Unlike the first three seasons this season starts off with an ongoing storyline. You can argue that the end of season 3 started this storyline when Jerry had talks with NBC. In this season George and Jerry finally have talks with NBC to seriously create a pilot episode of his show.

The self reference of this season is beyond mindblowing. We already know that the show is based off of the exploits of the real life of Larry David. No one expected them to make a season about Larry David pitching his story to become a show that they're making a show about. It's self aware to the next level. I don't think anyone has done it as well as this show.

This ongoing madness of Jerry and George trying to make this pilot with NBC is brilliant as it involves all of the characters and affects them differently. Each of them have some sort of profound influence of what's going to happen next and in turn they also suffer the wrath of their own undoing. There is so much fun to be had because as a backseat observer everything looks quite innocent but analyzing it further each of them are their own worst enemy.

There is this sense of song and dance that comes with each of their interactions with all of the key players in the NBC pilot plotline. I don't know how they made everything flow so well despite being pushed to multiple episodes. This season also involves a lot more intersecting between episodes. You'll understand this season a lot more if you were watching it in chronological order. In the previous seasons you could get away with watching a random episode and having fun. There are nuanced call backs to older episodes in this season not only to this specific season but to previous seasons as well. In a sense it kind of rewards you for being a fan.

This season was full out laughter from start to finish. It's hard to imagine all 22 episodes being classics but they really were. Notable episodes include "The Bubble Boy". This is an episode where George and Kramer continue to ruin Susan's life. Susan is such a tragically Charlie Brown character but I love it. George meets her at the NBC pilot pitch meeting and the two hit it off. This episode was the episode that kicked off their innocent interactions with her and well her life will never be the same without them.

Next we have "The Contest". This is the episode that I think everyone talks about. I don't even know how they made it. They used such fine dancing with their dialogue that you can innocently show anyone this episode. It's basically the 4 friends enter a contest with one another. Whoever can last the longest without intimately stimulating themselves in a private manner wins the pot. It sounds ridiculous and the scenarios they run into make this that much better.

I also thought "The Outing" was pretty ahead of its time. This is the episode where a university reporter tries to interview Jerry. Through a series of circumstances that were the fault of Jerry and George they become reported as a romantic couple. They try to argue against this report while still trying to maintain that there's nothing wrong with being a romantic couple.

Finally there was "The Smelly Car". I don't know why but this episode had me at hysterics. There's something about the overreaction and the build up of the car smell as a character of its own that got me to love this episode. They really went over the top with this episode and it's so funny because you really feel like you're part of the inside jokes that are going on throughout the episode.

Overall, this season is night and day better than the last three seasons. It's like someone had jolted the show with a bolt of lightning and they started firing at all cylinders. They got the train running and it really never stopped. That's why I have to give this season a 9 out of 10. It is just that good of a season. I can't wait to get to the next season!


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