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My Review of "Locked Down"

It was only a matter of time until we saw a new movie about being in lock down.

Locked Down is one of the newest movies of 2021 to explain our 2020 experience. It's one of the few big releases from HBO Max. In a sense the antics and realities in this movie feel all too real but that's part of the problem. We're still in lockdown and we kind of don't really want to be reminded that we're in lockdown if we're trying to escape into some fantasy. Or maybe the execution of this movie was far from what I was expecting.

The movie starts off with a fun little video following a hedgehog. It's unusual and in a way it doesn't really have much to do with the movie. Although it might have some deeper meaning that flew over my head. We then jump to a video call with one of our main protagonists, Paxton. He's this guy moping around thinking that his life is absolute crap. I guess he's just having self fulfilling prophecies where his negative attitude is breeding negative situations for himself.

Our other protagonist, Linda, is married to Paxton but they live in a loveless marriage. The two are split but they're stuck under the same roof due to the pandemic. Linda not her best self either, she is regretting her job now that she has to lay people off and appease some awful people.

The two bicker with one another and complain about their own situations. It's grating and annoying. I was about to shut off the movie a few times thinking this is it, I can't take anymore. No wonder the two are splitting up but then again maybe they're the best for each other because of how much they complain about everything.

This movie claims it's a comedy but it was hard to find anything funny about it. Some people love this, so real it hurts, type of comedy. I absolutely loathe it. Still I thought to myself this is a heist film it's going to get better. If I can survive a few more minutes it will get better and it really doesn't. It just continues on with their bickering and then bickering with other people.

Then I realize a lot of the bickering was to help explain how convenient their situation is to steal some diamond from the Harrods department store. Okay, now we're getting somewhere but then there wasn't any real elaborate scheme to get the jewel. The two of them are just put in a moment where they're at the right time and the right place. This was a huge bummer for me because I was expecting something a little bit more complicated.

Even when they're going to proceed to steal the diamond the two are constantly bickering because neither of them can make their mind about what they truly want to do. It's like watching children acting out a series of events where they speak out their inner monologues. Quite frankly, I couldn't believe I sat through the whole thing. I'm going to commend myself for even finishing the whole thing. A year ago I would have shut it right off and went onto another movie.

Overall, not all of it was horrible but most of it was. I had some fun closer to the end of the movie but that's about it. This is a slog fest of bickering childlike adults. Some people will get it but I wasn't one of them. I have to give this movie a 2 out of 10. I will definitely steer people away from this movie if I have the chance. Luckily for me I don't have to tell too many people not to because I don't have a ton of friends that subscribe to HBO.

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