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My Review of "Life or Something Like it"

A pretty interesting concept that has a few weird pacing issues.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Life or Something Like it is a romantic comedy that came out back in 2002. I thought the idea of this movie was pretty interesting. Also you can't really take your eyes off Angelina Jolie. This was probably the prime of her popularity in films at the time. She plays the main character in this movie and I can kind of see why she agreed to take the role.

The movie starts off with the introduction of her character Lanie. She's a driven career woman that has big plans for her future. Currently she's a news reporter that wants to become a reporter for network television rather than local tv. This seemed to be a big thing in those times because a lot of movies I've watched recently deal with news reporters.

At the surface it looks like she's on top of the world. She's got a great career that looks to be moving up. Everyone thinks she's ready. Her fiancé is a major league baseball star for her home team. She's drop dead gorgeous and everyone loves her.

As the movie progresses we start to see some kinks in her armor. Apparently, this isn't the real her. She's been putting on this facade so that she can get to her ultimate goal of becoming a network reporter. This is all put to the test when she does a news story on a homeless man that seems to be able to tell the future.

In one of the man's predictions he claims that Lanie is going to die in a week's time. Of course anyone would scoff at the idea that a crazy homeless man would be able to tell the future. The problem is that all of his predictions seem to come true and with great accuracy. This starts to really freak out Lanie as she has her perfect life and doesn't want to lose everything.

Her and her camera man start to break things apart so that she can truly evaluate whether she is really living her true authentic self. Again it's a pretty cool idea but the execution could have did with a little editing. I found that the pacing of the movie was a bit off.

I found that there would be times when I was wondering what I would do if I was put into this situation and I hardly think I would have followed the same path as her. They had so many possibilities with this movie and had really big fun with it. At its core it's a romantic comedy so they focus on her relationship with the camera man, Pete. This romantic interest kind of comes out of nowhere and comes in real fast when it does.

It is a movie so they have a small window to tell us these back stories but this really moves so fast that I could barely catch my breathe. There's a bit about her family that they kind of glossed over. I think they could have put a little bit more meat into that part. Then again this was the time when movies stayed at less than 2 hours so I have to commend them for that.

I also found it really funny how they tried their best to make Angelina Jolie unattractive in this movie and they couldn't do it. She's distractingly beautiful in this movie it's like she's a supermodel in a film full of regular people. She just sticks out like a sore thumb and she can't really help it.

Overall, I thought this was a fun movie that can be enjoyed by fans of the romantic comedy genre. It's not going to blow your mind or make huge waves when you watch it. It's just a ho hum middle of the road adventure. I have to give this movie 5.5 out of 10. If you're bored I don't see why you shouldn't check this one out.


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