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My Review of "Hot Rod"

There will be few that like this movie but I loved it. I realize it's not for everyone.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Hot Rod is a crazy, looney comedy that came out in 2007. It's not a highly regarded movie but it's one of my top comedies that I go back to. This is not a movie that many will like and it shows because it's not a popular movie. You have to be able to see outside of logic and reason. It also helps if you understand 1980s stereotypes and interested in zany random things happening as well.

The movie starts off with our main character Rod. He's an amateur stuntman. I guess amateur is a loose word for it because the guy is a terrible stuntman. Despite the fact he's terrible he's got some sort of unexplained confidence in his own abilities. He actually thinks he's great at doing stunts. He will fail all the stunts and still think that they're successes. In a way we know that one person that has this sense of confidence in themselves but Rod is dialed to one thousand.

Behind Rod is his motley crew of misfits that help him with his stunts. They're a loyal group of awkward young adults. Each one of them is a loner themselves but they have really weird characteristics. Rico sets up the stunts but he's hot headed and wants everything to explode. Dave is a simple minded helper that seems to be one screw loose losing himself. Then there's Rod's step-brother Kevin. Kevin is a good-hearted socially awkward guy that does his best to help the gang.

Along for the ride is a new recruit Denise. She's the love interest of Rod but she's totally unattainable since she's got a boyfriend. She loves the colorful characters and couldn't resist helping out.

Rod's step-father is soon diagnosed with a mysterious health problem. He won't be able to survive unless he gets an important operation that conveniently costs fifty thousand dollars. Rod hatches a plan to perform the greatest stunt in order to raise the money for the operation.

Simple story but they're fully aware of what this movie is and have a lot of fun with it. One of the best aspects of this movie is Rod's relationship with his step-father. They act like they hate each other by constantly getting into fist fights. It's actually Rod's idea to save his step-father's life so he can beat him up after he recovers. Each fight and interaction between the two gets more and more outrageous as the movie progresses.

Rod's relationship with his friends is quite comical as well. There's a sweet innocence between these group of friends as well. They never talk about anything profane they're just so focused on being the best stunt team and being awesome. In some ways you can see them as a clean friendly version of Ron Burgundy's crew from Anchorman. It's really fun and I just wanted to see more interactions with them to see how they can keep things wholesome despite the craziness of the outside world.

Rod's stunts are pretty hilarious as well. It's funny to even think that people would pay Rod and his gang to perform his insane stunts at kids birthday parties. The customer reactions are pretty much what normal people would think if they saw these acts in real life.

There's also a ton of references to the 80's sub-culture. They play the same 80s cheesy inspirational rock music throughout the movie. Rod even performs a dance routine in the forest that is a nod to movies like Footloose. It's like they looked at all the ridiculous things that were taken seriously in the 80s and showed us how ridiculous these things are.

This movie is also very self aware. They make fun of themselves and the plot line of the movie. As it progresses this movie gets more and more ridiculous and I can see people checking out as it gets more insane. I actually loved this progression and was totally on board.

Overall, I always have an incredibly fun time with this movie. I love the characters and I love the hilarious antics that happen in this movie. Again this isn't for most people. There will be a select few that will absolutely adore this movie. I would say if you like Dumb and Dumber or Anchorman you might feel at home with this one. To me this is a classic and I have to give it an 8.5 out of 10.


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