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My Review of "Desperados"

A fun romantic comedy that kind of feels like a TV show.

My Review of "Desperados"

Desperados kind of came out quietly on Netflix. That's the case with a lot of Netflix exclusives especially during the pandemic. I barely heard any press on it but luckily enough it was suggested by Netflix to me. It kind of has the same feel as the movie The Wrong Missy even though the movies are pretty different from one another.

This movie starts out with the main character Wesley having issues with her life. She almost had a job until she says some inappropriate things to the wrong person. She seems to be losing at everything in her life including her love life. Her friends are married and I guess she kind of feels left out or not at the same level as her friends though really you shouldn't be grading yourself like that.

She goes out with a guy named Sean in a blind date that doesn't go too well. It pretty much ends in a few minutes. She storms out of the restaurant only to slip and fall on the sidewalk. A handsome man by the name of Jared comes to help and she's immediately infatuated by him.

It seems as though everything with Wesley and Jared seem to be doing fine but Wesley isn't quite herself when she's with Jared. She pretty much keeps to herself so she doesn't say the wrong things in front of him. This goes on for probably a month and then for some odd reason Jared disappears.

He doesn't call her or anything and Wesley gets worried that maybe he had only wanted her to have sex and then left her afterwards. She has a drink night with her friends and then in a drunken stupor she writes Jared a nasty email detailing the hurt that she's going through.

Right when they're about to send the email to Jared, Wesley finally gets a call from Jared but he's in a Mexican hospital. He's been in a coma for 5 days after a car accident and that's the reason why he hasn't talked to her. Just as Wesley realizes her mistake she realizes that her friends had sent the email to Jared.

The rest of the movie is about Wesley and her friends going to Mexico to delete the email from Jared's inbox. It goes through a whole slew of wacky scenarios and for the most part the scenarios are so outrageous it is hilarious. I had a good laugh at a ton of the scenarios that Wesley gets placed in.

It's funny because they do pain Wesley as a not so great person however Nasim Pedrad who plays Wesley is so likable that I didn't really mind. I also remember her role in the TV series New Girl where she was the love interest of Lamorne Morris' character on the show. In this movie Lamorne Morris is again her love interest and the two still have that same undeniable chemistry that they had on the New Girl TV show.

Speaking of TV shows this movie really did feel more like a very long episode of a TV sitcom. Well It didn't feel like a long movie in terms of boredom but it did seem more like a TV show than a movie. I guess it's a lot of the similarities that I remember from sitcoms and the way that this movie was filmed. I'm not entirely sure but this did not feel like a movie.

That's not to say that it wasn't entertaining though. It was entertaining from start to finish and there are plenty of laughs in this movie. I thought it was pretty funny how they did a role reversal in this movie where a female character is mistaken as a pedophile rather than the usual stereotypical tropes.

Overall, there's a lot of fun to be had in this movie and I think that people looking for a fun comedy have another one right here. It tries to be very raunchy but it never quite gets there as you can tell that they're trying to appease a larger audience. I have to give it a 7 out of 10. It's a good one time viewing but again it does seem like a long TV show rather than a movie.

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