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My Review of "Batman Begins"

by Brian Anonymous 2 months ago in review
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A nice introduction of the Batman but I forgot how long this movie can get.

Batman Begins came out back in 2005. It's hard to believe it's been that long since this movie came out. I wanted to check it out again because I remembered really liking this movie a while back. Now that the new The Batman movie had recently come out, I wanted to see if I could enjoy this one again. Both of these movies are the starting points of Batman's career.

This movie starts off with a young Bruce Wayne playing in the garden of Wayne manor with his childhood friend Rachel. He gets a little carried away and falls into a huge hole.

We then fast forward to an older Bruce but now he's in prison. It looks as though some men are looking to fight him and he's pretty ready for the fight. He destroys these men all by himself. When he's taken away they bring him to a cell where a mysterious man propositions him to look more out of life.

It's immediately apparent that Bruce is a totally lost person trying to find himself. He's learning to fight but doesn't exactly know who he's fighting for. With nothing to lose Bruce takes up the mysterious man's adventure and goes on a huge trek to a remote village up in the mountains.

There he meets Ra's Al Ghul. He's the kingpin of a group of deadly assassins known as the League of Shadows. They took a liking to Bruce and decided to make him one of them. Here Bruce will learn the ways of the assassin and learn new ways to eliminate his enemies.

Both the League of Shadows and Bruce sort of have the same mission of saving the world but in totally different methods. Bruce refuses to kill people whereas the League of Shadows do what's necessary. This creates a rift between their partnership resulting in the two to part ways.

The League did spark up new initiative in Bruce to help his home city of Gotham. When he finally returns home we recognize he's really rich and his mother and father were philanthropists for the city. Unfortunately while he was gone for so long crime had run rampant throughout his city. Since most of the police have been corrupted by organized criminals like Carmine Falcone the citizens really have no one to count on.

This gives Bruce the idea of creating an alternate persona to fight crime at night. We then get introduced to Batman but he progressively becomes the Batman. There's a lot of growing pains in creating the proper gear and techniques to take down the criminal underworld of the city. Luckily for Bruce he's got friends to help him create gadgets and back him up if there's any danger.

As Bruce continues to fight crime as Batman he starts to discover there is something aloof in Gotham besides Carmine Falcone. It seems there is another big player that he has to take care of. Some things in the past finally rear their ugly head again and he has to take care of it.

I thought this movie still works really well. The introduction isn't as abrupt as the new movie that just came out. It's also not a detective movie like the movie either. This is a self discovery and explores the mind of Bruce Wayne in his transition to becoming Batman. We learn more about his morals and principles in this film.

Incredibly the effects still look great today. It takes its time to tell the story and it is a long one. I almost forgot how long of a movie this was. At certain times it would just suck me. Seeing it again kind of loses its luster as I know what's going to happen and the initial surprises are what really make this movie great. Still it is quite an enjoyable movie but not as enjoyable as I remember. It could be because of the supersaturation of superhero movies that we have nowadays.

Overall, I can say I was still very invested in this movie. There are classic scenes where Batman takes out his enemies much like a ninja. He really seems like a badass in this one while still learning the ropes. I have to give this movie a 7 out of 10. It doesn't warrant a ton of viewings but this is a must see for any Batman fan.


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