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MODE: Next Big Airdrop?

Join the Airdrop from MODE

By Sam BTCPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Recently my focus has been on free airdrop opportunities to avoid projects which make people spend so much on their quests and then don’t give anything to most of the community. I have spent so much grinding for zkSync and Linea that if for some reason I miss out on some airdrop criteria they put up then it is going to be a Big L for me.

Today however I am going to talk about a project for which I am going to make an exception and bridge some actual funds and put bits of ETH in the apps in it’s ecosystem.

That project is called MODE and this post will be focusing on why did I decide to bridge some of my actual hard earned ETH to it.

Why Did I Decide to Join the Airdrop Program for MODE?

What I really liked about the Airdrop program launched by MODE is that they have kept every thing totally transparent and objective. They have clearly mentioned what criteria will be used to earn points as part of the Airdrop. They have also listed which apps n their ecosystem can be used for collecting the points. They have also given a clear timelines about the airdrop program running till April, after which the points will be distributed.

Next comes the important point about legitimacy as a project which seems to be so good there is a chance that there might be something shady about it, but that doubt was removed after their partnership with Galxe. In all my years in crypto I have never seen Galxe promote a fake or scam project. They always do thorough due diligence before conforming partners.

How to Collect Points for the Airdrop?

MODE has defined 5 key criteria based on which you will be awarded points that will determine your eligibility level for the future airdrop.

The 5 criteria are:

Past Onchain Activity level of your wallet- Link the wallet that you have done the highest number of transactions on

  • Bridging Amount- You will get higher point for bridging higher ETH but don’t worry I just bridged $10 worth of ETH and plan to compensate for the lack of ETH with the number of transactions and the number of apps I will interact with. Gas fees for transactions is currently very low on MODE
  • Referral Plan- The airdrop is based on invite only referral scheme, so you get extra points for inviting your friends.
  • Ecosystem Apps- The more apps you interact with the more points you get. Points are refreshed every week so make sure to make at least one transaction every week till April
  • Participating in Quests- MODE will be launching Quests in the coming future and there will be additional points to complete them

There are already different kind of Apps functional on MODE with functionalities of DEX, Domain Name, Lending protocol etc.

The apps that I have already myself and can vouch that work smoothly are Kim Exchange, Ionic Money and MODE NS. I am currently doing one transaction at least per week on Kim Exchange so I can maintain my activity volume and spread it out over the timeframe.

How Can You Join the MODE Airdrop?

The MODE Airdrop can only be joined through the referral program and you will need a referral code to sign up on their site.

If you would like to join the program then please use my referral code -

Like always keep in mind that there is no guarantee on how successful the token launch of MODE will be so do not bridge more funds than what you are comfortable losing. My limit for funds I am willing to lose is $10 and that is what I bridged.



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