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Marvel Comics Romances

Funny, feisty, dramatic, and sometimes deadly, Marvel Comics romances are as epic and varied as their heroes.

By Patricia SarkarPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

A lot of couples have come and gone in the Marvel Universe. Some survive the hardships that come with the life of a superhero, but others crumble under the pressure of conflict, and still others die. And then sometimes come back. Yet some Marvel Comics romances stand out, and touch readers for a variety of reasons.

Kitty Pryde and Peter Quill

Leaving Colossus to find someone less prone to sacrificing his life, Kitty seems to have found her match in Star-Lord and his uncanny ability for survival. Their funny and frank banter shows their love and also how they love each other as they are, with no illusion. Engaged while floating in deep space, Kitty filled in for Peter as Star-Lord while he governed over Spartoi, but he chose Kitty and the guardians over his kingship. After saving his home world thanks to Kitty’s Black Vortex-enhanced powers, their Marvel Comics romance continues, as he is stripped of his crown, declared a criminal once again, and happily returns to the Guardians', and Kitty’s (now Star-Lady), side.

Reed Richards and Sue Storm

They’ve helped save the Marvel Universe countless times, and nonetheless have done their best to build a united and loving family. Unfortunately, Reed’s inability to be more present in his family’s life, coupled with the betrayal Sue often ends up feeling when she learns about Reed’s work and dealings make for a rocky marriage that, up to the end of the Multiverse, hadn’t been fixed. Their last known location was with their son Franklin and Molecule Man, as they recreate and repair the Multiverse following the events of Battleworld. As one of the longest standing Marvel Comics romance, here’s to hoping their time apart from the universe’s problems might help them patch things up.

Peter Parker and Silk

It was tempting to make this entry about Spidey and MJ, but they have been through so much, and seem, for now, to be going their own separate ways, with MJ now working with Tony Stark. When Peter finds out that someone else had been bitten by the same radioactive spider, and that she is held captured, he goes out of his way to save her. They bond instantly during her rescue, and the carnal attraction is very different from what we've seen from Peter so far. This Marvel Comics romance stands out from the rest of the list, because so far love has nothing to do with how they feel, as it seems to be caused by them sharing the same spider bite.

Cyclops and Emma Frost

Their love story began under questionable circumstances, as they begun a telepathic affair while Cyclops was still in a relationship with Jean Grey, and was participating in therapy sessions with Frost. Nonetheless, they kept strong until his death by Terrigen Cloud poisoning and she honored his request not to let it end this way by using a projected image of him to orchestrate a plan to render a Cloud harmless to everyone, and end his life defeated by Blackbolt. In her devotion to his memory, Frost demonstrates that their Marvel Comics romance was much more than just a prolonged affair.

Blackbolt and Medusa

As two members of the Royal Family, their marriage was arranged by their parents. While he was isolated until he could control his powers enough to be part of society, Medusa would sneak in to see him. By the time he was nineteen and in control of his powers, love had blossomed and they eventually married, thus making Medusa queen of the Inhumans. She is his voice in public, as he cannot speak, and they are close enough to understand each other without the help of spoken communication. Through every ordeal this Marvel Comics romance has remained strong, but currently they are separated, due to his lack of involvement.

Bruce Banner and Betty Ross

Bruce Banner loved Betty with all his heart. Even as her father, General Ross, was intent on capturing and killing the Hulk, going as far as dealing with villains to gain the means to do so. Constantly torn apart, Bruce was devastated when she died, poisoned by Abomination with gamma radiation. When it was revealed during the World War Hulk event that Red She-Hulk was Betty Ross, hope that this tragic Marvel Comics romance would find a happy ending bloomed when Betty Ross reverted to her human form. It was short-lived, however, as Red She-Hulk reemerged, and refused another try, as she wasn’t fully in control of her emotions and it worried her.

Black Panther and Storm

Having met a few times as they grew up but unable to grow closer due to their respective lives getting in the way, T’Challa and Ororo finally were able to marry in a beautiful Wakandian ceremony, their union blessed by the panther god. Together they fought in many conflicts, and while their marriage was short-lived, there was never any doubt that they loved each other deeply. In the end, unfortunately, duty prevailed over this Marvel Comics romance. Black Panther exiled the X-Men as Ororo sided with them against the Avengers. Seeing Storm’s actions as a betrayal to her duties as Queen, the High Priest annulled the marriage, preventing a reconciliation.

Scarlet Witch and Vision

During their tenure as Avengers, Wanda and Vision slowly developed feelings for one another. These feelings developed into a loving relationship, leading to marriage. Unbeknownst to them, they were being manipulated in order to prevent Wanda from having children, as her progeny would potentially have the power to change the world as we know it. Craving a family, she eventually used magic to give birth to twin sons, who were later revealed to be from Mephisto. He reabsorbed them, causing the first crack in Scarlet Witch’s sanity, a precursor to the events of the House of M. Upon being destroyed, Vision was rebuilt without Wonder Man’s thought patterns, making him emotionless and effectively ending this Marvel Comic romance. The product of their love lives on, as it has been revealed that their twin sons have been reborn.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Compared to the other couples populating the Marvel landscape, Power Man and Power Woman almost seem normal. Although they have been shown to disagree, they nonetheless are a loving, solid couple raising a little girl together and are willing to go to any length to protect her, and each other. Luke Cage using the expression “Sweet Christmas!” to change his swearing habit for Danielle’s sake, at Jessica’s request, is just one of the small things that make them an endearing and sweet Marvel Comics romance.


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