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Marry My Husband Review: Love, Revenge, and Time

Marry My Husband Review

By Ayush VermaPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Often, Korean shows come on Amazon Prime, but they do not dub them in Hindi, which leaves Hindi-speaking audiences like mine behind. But now a miracle has happened: yes, Amazon Prime has brought their show Marry My Husband in Hindi. 

Well, in Marry My Husband, you get to see the story of a couple between whom everything is going well until the girl comes to know that her husband is having an affair.

Now, when her husband finds out that his wife has come to know about his affair, he kills her, after which time travel and a mystery begin. Now, what is the story next? What types of things do you get to see? To know that, you will have to watch this show, which has come to Amazon Prime and has 16 episodes. Each episode is around an hour long.

Marry My Husband Review

If I want to review Marry My Husband in a few words for you all, it's a decent watch.

See, this show may not attract those audiences who have watched a lot of K-dramas, but for the new audience that has started watching K-dramas in recent times, this will prove to be a perfect choice for them.

I felt the second half of this show was much better because the pace was a little better.

In the first half, we get to see character intros, and everything is going on. As soon as the story reaches the second half, there is a revenge drama somewhere. And in that revenge drama, planning, plotting, etc., things are interesting to watch, which will keep your enjoyment going.

Time travel is a small element of this show, which plays an important role, but unfortunately, not much has been explored about it.

So if you were thinking that amazing time travel is shown here, then sorry, boss, it has just been used as a prop.

To be honest, the real energy of this show is its negative characters. I mean, even when the show was getting dull, the negative characters took over the show completely. If the negative characters were not so strong, then maybe this show would have looked quite bad.

The twists and turns of the show are decent, meaning some are good and some are average, which you will be able to predict, so you don't have to think too much in terms of twists and turns.

Like other Korean shows, this show also progresses at a slow pace; things get executed slowly, the rest of the production value is good, and yes, the BGM is a bit strange, meaning some scenes were quite serious but the BGM was not supporting the seriousness.


You can give the Marry My Husband show a watch, but it's best not to set your expectations too high. If you have too many expectations, then maybe you will not enjoy this show.

One more thing: if you want, you can also follow this show with your family. There are no bad words in it; there is a kiss scene and an adult scene, but there is no nudity in the show.

This show has also come in Hindi, and the Hindi dubbing has been done very well, no doubt.

So, guys, this was my review of Amazon Prime's Korean show Marry My Husband. I hope you love reading this. Don't forget to tell me what your viewpoints are on this K-drama.

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