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March '23 Reads

Reads #7 - #9

By Victoria BrownPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
March '23 Reads
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Looks like I’m averaging three books a month so far. I think that’s a perfectly fine balance. Though it is taking me longer to get through books, which I guess is fair; between balancing grad school, freelance beta reading, and trying to edit my own novel for publication, I haven’t had the most time to decompress and read.

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Courtney Changes the Game - Kellen Hertz, read #7 of 2023

Yes, I am counting an American Girl book that took me maybe an hour-and-a-half to read towards my Goodreads yearly goal. Growing up and discovering American Girl books (and subsequently, the dolls) was a pivotal moment for me, introducing me to a love of reading and American history. Courtney is one of their newest historical dolls from 1986. I simply had to read her book – I love American Girl, I love the 1980s, and I have a special interest in the Challenger space shuttle.

I blame the last part on growing up in Florida and attending one of our many Challenger namesake schools.

Curated - Nellie Wilson, read #8 of 2023

My first ever indie read! I discovered Nellie Wilson on Instagram, and I’d been counting down to read Curated since it was published in January. I mean, c’mon; it’s about two curators – a historian and a scientist – who have to share an office when their museums combine. What isn’t there to love? I love niche romances, and I FINALLY found the type of romance I’ve been looking for: not all spice, but no “fade to black” scenes either. Emmy and Ryan stole my heart while simultaneously frustrated me and my lack of hyperspecific romance.

Suggested Reading - Dave Connis, read #9 of 2023

I had high hopes for this one, and by no means was it a bad book, it just could’ve been more. A private school starts banning books, so what does the school library student volunteer do? She starts an underground library from her locker. It sounds amazing, but the subplots, rushed ending, and (I hate to admit it) main character took away from what it could’ve been. The message is still important, though. Especially with the alarming increase in book bans throughout America right now.

Now onto...March Audiobooks!

Okay, I’m still not counting them for my Goodreads yearly challenge, but I’ve been LOVING audiobooks. I drive roughly 25 minutes, one way, for work every day plus all my other commutes (hello, Orlando traffic and being scared of interstates and highways!).

Today Tonight Tomorrow - Rachel Lynn Solomon

I read this one last year (check out the article here) and remember thinking it was okay, maybe even good; I gave it three stars. The audiobook made me fall in love all over again with Neil and Rowan and ugh. Why didn’t I have a cute high school romance? Thinking about it, I think it deserves four stars.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Jesse Andrews

I’ve never read this one before, so that alone was a big deal – listening to an audiobook without reading it first. While I didn’t enjoy the writing too much (the story itself was okay and I probably would’ve liked it if I read it when it came out and I was the target audience), I did learn that I can listen to an audiobook I haven’t read before.

Anne of Green Gables - L. M. Montgomery

New favorite classic. I absolutely adored this story. I knew the vague plot – a redheaded Canadian orphan goes and lives with an older sibling pair – and that it was well loved, but oh my goodness I was not expecting to fall in love with Anne and Avonlea. I cannot wait to go out and purchase a copy for my shelf.

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

I have…mixed feelings about this novel. I’ve read it multiple, multiple times and every time I read it, I seem to like it less and less. The audiobook was no exception. While I think it was groundbreaking at the time, I feel now, at twenty-two, that it is unrealistic and can do more harm than good?

TLDR: I need to read more niche romances, audiobooks are books, and Libby is my new BFF.


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