Kelly Monaco off General Hospital for two weeks but her mother says she is COVID free

Lindsay Hartley will temporarily replace the actress and fans are speculating on what's really going on.

Kelly Monaco off General Hospital for two weeks but her mother says she is COVID free
Kelly Monaco to be replaced by Lindsay Hartley

A few weeks back, Soap Dirt reported that a "trusted source" had said that General Hospital stopped production again because two female cast members had tested positive for COVID-19. No names were given but the leaker pointed out that Kelly Monaco's best friend Shana Moakler had gone public with dealing with the coronavirus. Soap Dirt suggested that it was possible that one of the two women might be Monaco who could have contracted the virus from Moakler. Soap Dirt did not do a follow up and neither did any other spoilers indicate that anyone on the GH set had the coronavirus.

Now Fame 10 says that Kelly will be off the set for two weeks and that Lindsay Hartley will replace her. This has viewers asking questions to which they may never get truthful answers. Even so, General Hospital fans should not immediately jump to the conclusion that Kelly Monaco indeed has the coronavirus. According to her mother, Carmina, Sam McCall's portrayer is doing quite well. Mom Monaco used Twitter to assure everyone that her daughter is safe and healthy. Her explanation, however, may raise more questions than giving assurances because to some it may not sound plausible. Kelly's mother says that she tested negative on two coronavirus tests and also on a test for antibodies.

She said that the problem is that Kelly had a hard time with the mask she was required to wear on the set and sent home for a 14 day quarantine. Because of the times in which we live, most people will assume the worst and believe the actress and her mother are trying to cover up the truth. Everyone deserves their privacy, but when you are in the entertainment business, many fans desire to know every aspect of a celebrity's life. COVID-19 is deadly and if anyone, famous or not is infected, they should tell the truth so that they will not cause others to get sick.

Perhaps every word of what Kelly Monaco's mother said is true, and we certainly all wish Kelly Monaco well. Still, her mom's statement just does not add up. General Hospital shut down in March and it is now August. What type of problem could the actress have with a mask that was not detected if she had already been wearing one for the last 4 months? Are the GH actors required to wear some special mask that is different from those that the rest of us use, and Kelly was somehow allergic? To my knowledge, there have not been any reports of any masks causing anyone to be sick.

The next question that inquiring minds will want to be answered is why would anyone need to be quarantined for 2 weeks because of a face mask Certainly, the powers that be on GH have other options for face gear than just one brand of mask. There is also the fact that Monaco's mother felt it necessary to take to Twitter and give so many details. All of this will only add fuel to the fire for those who have been suspecting that the woman who portrays Sam is COVID positive. Greg Rikaart who plays Kevin Fisher on The Young and the Restless was upfront about dealing with the coronavirus, as was Chris Cuomo of CNN, as well as other famous people.

General Hospital fans are left with the dilemma of which news to believe and which to consider as fake. Here are the possibilities.

1. The "leaker" was lying and no one tested positive on the GH set. Soap Dirt ran with the story which others including myself repeated.

2. There were two women in the GH cast who tested positive for the coronavirus but Kelly Monaco was not one of them.

3. Kelly Monaco did test positive but wants to keep it quiet and her mother is doing damage control.

4. Monaco and her mother have heard the "false" rumors and desire to nip them in the bud and assure fans she is indeed healthy,

Those who enjoy the ABC daytime drama will all have different views about this situation, but one thing is true. Kelly Monaco is in quarantine for 2 weeks and there is a reason why. She may have had a hard time wearing a mask, or not. Stay tuned for updates to this bizarre situation as they come in.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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