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Jim and Pam: The Best Tv Couple

by Ada Zuba about a year ago in pop culture

The Best Duo

Jim and Pam, Pam and Jim

I have watched "The Office" more than twice. I have to say that Jim and Pam are one of my favorite love stories that ever took place on television. In the earlier seasons, they were just friends and then became best friends who got married and had a family. That was the dream for me for a long time, to fall in love with one of your best friends. They are a couple that supports one another and brings out the best in each other. They are as you would say "#couplegoals".

At the beginning of the series, they would flirt with each other and even though Jim knew Pam was with Roy, he was already in love with her from the first day they met. In the second episode, Micheal calls everyone in for a meeting and Jim loses his biggest sale to Dwight. However, Pam falls asleep on his shoulder and then he says “yeah, today was a good day”. That in itself just explains how much Jim loves Pam. Then, I think it was the first episode or second where Jim says that berry flavored yogurt is her favorite and Pam blushes like crazy because he remembered her favorite flavor of yogurt. These examples are, of course, the little things in their friendship that make them cute. Finally, when the couple gets together Jim tells the audience or I guess the camera that he bought her engagement ring after their first date because she was the one he was going to marry and he knew it all along. We see them both progress as characters. Jim does not play as many practical jokes on Dwight in the later seasons, he grows up to be more serious. Pam gains confidence in herself, she stands up for herself more and isn’t as much as a push-over. They both compliment each other in a way that no other television couple has (at least that I have seen).

Right from the first episode, I think people were cheering for Jim and Pam, and then when the audience learns that Pam is engaged to Roy the whole crowd was just waiting for them to break-up. Too bad for Roy though, but everyone likes Jim and Pam together.

Pam gets to see Jim's room and she is looking around at all his belongings. Then, she pretends like they were in the office by sitting down in the corner of his room. I know it sounds weird, but then she tries to bring Dwight in the picture and Jim interrupts her and says "you know what? let's leave Dwight out of this because this is a happy place" and we see Jim sort of smile to himself because his favorite person was in his bedroom and laughing at his yearbook picture.

The teapot was a game-changer. I think it was the moment that Pam realizes she was meant to be with Jim. He packed all her favorite things in there along with inside jokes and it makes her smile. That was always Jim’s goals, it was all to win her heart.

One of my top Jim and Pam moments was when Jim finally can’t take it anymore, and he tells her how he felt about her and he kisses her. Pam returns that love for him when she tells him why she called off the wedding. It was a great moment for Pam, she finally got the confidence to tell him.

The number one moment of Jim and Pam was when they were on the roof and Pam says "I can't remember the last time someone made me dinner" Jim smiles to himself as he scores another point with Pam.

When Jim decided to propose to her at the gas station that was halfway to both their jobs. That was a big “Aww” moment.

I think the moment that we realize they were always meant to be was when Pam tears her veil and Jim without hesitation cuts his tie in solidarity and they get married on the boat instead of in front of their family and friends.

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Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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