'Inside the Criminal Mind'

by Katherine M. 2 years ago in review

A Netflix Crime Series

'Inside the Criminal Mind'

On Labor Day, while my husband and I had been in our room discussing what we should watch, we came across this series. Now while watching this series there are very interesting stories that are being told while you watch each episode.

Now there are only four episodes since it is a new series that just came out on Netflix. And the episodes are based on certain categories based on well known people that had committed these violent acts. The first episode is about Serial Killers, such as Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and a few others. Each were talked about; the crimes that they had committed and how they had committed those acts.

The second episode was based on Kidnappers, such as Ariel Castro, Josef Fritzel, and etc. It also talks about victims that had been abducted by these kidnappers and how long they have been abducted for and how they had managed to escape the horrible places of where they were being held.

The third episode talked about Cult Leaders, such Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh, and more. They talked about what each cult leader had believed in, what they had done, and how they convinced people to follow them. Also, how the followers were treated once they were completely under the cult leaders control and what they had to give up to their cult leaders.

And the final episode, it talked about Drug Lords, such as Al Capone, Pablo Escobar, 'El Chapo,' and more. In this episode they talked about how they had started and how far they had gotten in the business. It also talked about what they did with the money that they have gained but also the violence that they had done in order to get things that they wanted and what needed to be done in order to take them down.

As I was watching this series, it became seemingly interesting since I am always into learning about crime. Even though I have learned about a good amount of those criminals before watching the series, there were other ones that I didn't know and it was good to be able to learn all of those. For someone who is definitely into learning more about crime and doesn't know much about the criminals that were put on this list, this is a series that would be good to watch. Especially since they were categorized psychologically and you get to see how each of them were socialized as it was discussed for what can cause each criminal to have become how they are/were.

If you are feeling interested in watching the show, you get to learn more and more about the criminal mind of how some of them behaved and what caused them to have that behavior and how their behavior has caused them to commit some heinous acts. It is a good series and hopefully if you become interested, you will be willing to learn more about the criminal mind.

Katherine M.
Katherine M.
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