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Insane Dark Multiverse Versions of Batman

Some of these are Batmen are crazy!

By Will JackPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

Contrary to the worlds of the normal Multiverse, those from the Dark Multiverse have their names preceded by a minus sign, such as Earth -52 compared to Earth 0, for instance. Each of those inverse worlds shown so far bears some degree of thematic resemblance to its positive counterpart. And each of these worlds has their own Batman, here are a few.

The Grim Knight –

The idea for the Grim Knight is simple, what if instead of Batman having a no gun rule he loved to use them instead? Essentially what happens if you mix Batman and Marvel’s Punisher together? Making his first appearance in The Batman Who Laughs #1, his origin is the same except he has no qualms about guns or killing.

Darkfather –

What if Batman was Darkseid?

After defeating the Darkseid of his world, Bruce Wayne took on his powers and became the new lord of Apokolips, aka Darkfather. When he came to this Earth he built a new Apokolips in the centre of the sun and imprisoned Superman there.

Castle Bat –

Castle Bat is a living city that is Bruce Wayne. When he became too old to be Batman, he passed the mantle onto Damian Wayne, his son. Yet Gotham continued to become more and more chaotic.

Bruce decided to perform a 17th sacrificial ritual in order to save his city, although in order for the ritual to work he had to sacrifice what he loved most. Bruce sacrificed his son Damian and he became the city he so desperately wanted to save.

The Broken –

In a Knightfall Darkmultiverse twist Batman attempted to defeat Azrael, who had donned the Batman identity for himself and used it to commit extreme acts of violence in his name. However, unlike in the main world where Batman was successful in defeating Valley, the Batman of this world failed and Azrael renamed himself to Saint Batman and became the ruler of Gotham City. Bruce was then vivisected as a method of torture, and was forced to spend the next thirty years watching what Jean-Paul was doing to Gotham. He was freed by the Son of Bane and his mother, Lady Shiva who wanted revenge for when Jean-Paul killed Bane. They used nano technology and small robotic bats to heal Bruce and make him a cyborg. Together, they attacked Jean-Paul and his immediate subordinates, Cardinal and Torchbearer. Batman then changed his attitude and killed both of them. Meanwhile, Lady Shiva and the Son of Bane defeated Saint Batman and decided it was time to finally restore the city. However, Batman, claiming he had learned that there was no saving for Gotham while Azrael broke him, killed them. He then became the new ruler of Gotham and hung Saint Batman's corpse on a bat symbol.

The Beyonder –

The Beyonder was recruited by the Batman Who Laughs into the Dark Knights alongside other evil Batmen of the Dark Multiverse and participated in the invasion of the Multiverse above when Perpetua started taking over it.

The Beyonder is an evil version of Batman Beyond and was confirmed on Twitter by Scott Snyder to be an evil version of the original Batman Beyond Terry McGinnis.

The batman who laughs

on Earth-22, Batman is captured by Joker and tortured until his desperation causes him to kill the Joker. When he breaks the Joker's neck, a poisonous gas effects Batman and makes him a Joker-like Batman.

He then goes on to kill all his Robins and the entire Justice League before he hops around the multiverse and finds evil batmen to fight the original Earth-1 Batman. It once again shows just how dangerous Batman could be if he ever turned evil or fell to the dark side due to villain influence.

This Batman then joins forces with Barbatos a.k.a the Bat God, for the Dark Knights Metal event, becoming his second in command. He’s also now shown up numerous times taking on the likes of Batman, Superman & Shazam.


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