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IF (2024) Imagines More Than it Delivers

'IF' had a lot of magical potential that was missed.

By Marielle SabbagPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Only the stories you create are significant.

IF appeared in theaters in 2024. While Bea is staying with her Grandmother in the city, she discovers the world of imaginary friends. She agrees to help them find homes and connect with new and lonely children.

I had to see IF twice in theaters because I missed a deeper connection from my first watch. My recent viewing helped enrich my opinion, but I still think IF had a lot of magical potential that was missed. The film needed to explore more of the lives of the imaginary friends and enforce a connection, both for the characters and viewers.

Cailey Fleming is excellent in the lead role of Bea. Due to life circumstances, Bea has grown up too fast. Bea needed a more in-depth backstory to help develop her relationship with the imaginary world. I wanted to feel Bea’s connection with the imaginary friends and elaborate on why she chose to help them.

As always Ryan Reynolds is splendid. He flairs his trademark charm to the role. He plays the mysterious and humorous Cal, the leader of the imaginary world. Cal is another character that deserves exploration.

John Krasinski (also the film’s director) has a small role as Bea’s sickly father. Fiona Shaw is wonderful as Bea’s grandmother. Fans of The Bear will recognize Liza Colon-Zayas as Nurse Janet. I hope Alan Kim lands more roles because he was funny as young Benjamin.

IF includes a voice cast of big-name actors. I was surprised at the voice cast for the IF’s. Steve Carell, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Awkwafina, Bill Hader, Emily Blunt, Sam Rockwell, and more voiced the IF’s. This film marked the final voice performance of Louis Gossett Jr. These friends, brought to life with vibrant animation, add a whimsical element to Bea’s world.

The film draws you into this world and the creative designs for characters. It’s meant to revolve around imaginary friends, but this concept needs more development. While each character has a unique design and voice, they lack depth and backstory. It was tough to form a connection with them.

Described as a live-action Pixar film by John Krasinski, there’s a lot of passion. This film is all about the what-if. Scenes radiate with energy and creativity, but I never felt a connection to the characters.

Here’s an idea. What if (pun intended) IF was a musical? There’s only one musical number in the film and it bursts with energy and a lively atmosphere. The film missed a chance to be a musical. Songs would have explored more, like the world of imaginary friends.

The beginning of the film takes viewers into Bea’s childhood, showing her relationships with her parents. To help viewers understand Bea’s past with imaginary friends, there needed to be a scene that showcased this.

Was IF meant as a kid’s film? It occupies heavy themes for a kid’s movie. The film is targeted more for adults. Bea’s father’s illness may worry children, especially Bea’s upsetting reunion with her father in the hospital.

Aside from missed opportunities in the story, IF has a heartwarming message. Never let go of imagination. The cast had to use imagination while filming which is evident in behind-the-scenes footage. We all have an inner kid in us which should never disappear when we’re adults. IF invites viewers back to their childhoods and recounts their imaginary friends.

IF is emotional, heartfelt, and entertaining. I am glad I saw it a second time because films should never be watched once. Kids will enjoy IF so take the whole family to the theaters.

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