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ICYMI: Top 3 Hidden Gem TV Shows to Binge During Quarantine

From Sense8 to 90 Day Fiance, staying at home gives us reason to binge.

By Karina ThyraPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Sense8, Netflix

Being stuck at home during these trying times can be so tedious. But at least, we're not fending off a zombie apocalypse. We'd have to settle at home and be content with whatever form of entertainment that we have for an indefinite period. After all, that's as close as most of us could be a hero - by staying at home to reduce the chances of viral transmissions. Luckily, we have TV and the Internet to keep us at least a little bit entertained during these trying times. The three hidden gems I'm about to share here also deal with the themes of isolation, loss, and uncertainties. But, with the sheer force of human resilience - these programs have also shown that everyone can find their purpose and place in the world.

3. Lost Girl

On top of a terrible first quarter of 2020, the long-running TV show Supernatural is set to have its final hunt, too. Luckily, I found this Canadian TV gem, Lost Girl to fill supernatural shaped void in my heart. The series stars Anna Silk as Bo, a succubus (fae) who picked no Fae faction. Kenzi, her sidekick and friend, set up a private investigation service for them specializing in the strange and paranormal to make use of Bo's powers for good and earn shiny money.

As of now, I'm only season 1, but it was so immersive that I finished 5 episodes in one sitting (quite a late start at night). The show has 5 seasons and just the right amount of all the elements that gives a unique take on mythical creatures without being banal.

2. 90 Day Fiance


I bet you didn't expect reality TV would make it on this list. Well, 'love' and 'hope' have always been fascinating concepts to titillate the fancy of TV viewers. They are also precisely the elements which we need when we feel awful because of current global uncertainties.

I do have have to be honest, I only watched a few episodes of 90 Day Fiance particularly the one with Rose and Ed; mostly for Rose's hilarious reactions. However, those episodes and clips also got me intrigued to check out other episodes with other couples, and before I knew it, the weekend was over and I spent most of it watching 90 Day Fiance.

Indeed, reality TV can be so hopeful, but also hilarious.

1. Sense8

Sense8 was a top-tier Netflix Original created by The Wachowskis (The Matrix) and deserved so much more than just 2 seasons. The show broke barriers, social stigma, and hearts (especially when it ended). But I suppose it also broke Netflix's production budget because it had at least nine main featured locations around the globe.

The show was canceled after two seasons because there wasn't enough viewership (I guess people weren't ready for this kind of a groundbreaking show at the time), but it is a hidden gem which you will love from start to finish (just be patient). Whatever Sci-Fi show Netflix offers at the moment, Sense8 ran so its successors could fly.

You will love this show from beginning to end, and I guarantee that you will feel not-so-alone despite strict quarantine rules because you will always have your 'cluster'.

Sense8, Netflix

Quarantine got us all a little down in the dumps, but with online streaming sites, at least we'll keep ourselves (and others safe) by not having to go out and rent from video stores. So, in case you missed these shows, watch at least one of them and I'm certain your life will be just a little brighter.


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