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I made a Book Nook

It was hard but happy to have done it

By stephanie borgesPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Everyone needs a hobby or a side project, whether collecting stamps, coins, action figures, finding things to fix or assemble, or anything else. But have you ever come across those projects called Book Nook Kit? No, Not a corner of a room where you sit to read books; I speak of those crafty little boxes that are 3D puzzle inserts; they are wooden projects that require assembling, patience, time, focus, and a passion for art. So, how about I give you a preview of what it was like to assemble one myself? I'm going to be blunt, and I will swear a lot. So, fair warning.

I have a passion for Japan, the clothing, the artwork (I speak of Anime, of course), the high tech, and the strange things they have. But mostly cherry blossoms flowers. So, when I saw a book Nook called The Sakura Densya, I purchased it and started to assemble it, and let me just say, oh fuckin hell! I was not expecting how crazy it would be while making this thing, but I am proud to have it and display it near my books and anime action figures.

Assembling: About seven sheets of tiny wood, paper, plastic and cardboard must be glued together. Then, it would be best if you gathered the other assembled pieces to make something else.

You must be extra careful because some are thick while others are thin, and I am not joking when I tell you that you need to use tweezers.

Patience: If you don’t have patience, don’t get a book nook, you will want to grab it and chunk it and the wall while screaming like a fuckin baby. I won’t lie. There were times I tried to break it or grab a hammer and smash it while screaming, “Die Mother fucker, Die”

By Andrew George on Unsplash

Each piece comes with a number that must be assembled in the older it comes in because you have to glue and wait, for the glue to harden so you can put the parts together. To be more precise, about two to four parts are needed to make one piece.

Time: It took me a lot of time, about two weeks, because:

1. I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and 2. I have a two-year-old who requires my full attention. Each part of the book nook is just like a puzzle that takes ten to twenty minutes to assemble. So, if you need time to kill time

By Aron Visuals on Unsplash

(I am talking about hours, not minutes), I highly recommend doing a book Nook; however, don’t work on assembling it while on road trips or planes because you will lose pieces and things get really bad if you lose or break a piece, You should work on it on a flat surface. If you finish the book Nook, you must pack it and securely wrap it.

Focus: You must follow the directions; you can't eyeball it.

By Chase Clark on Unsplash

Trust me on this. I tried it, and it was a disaster. I bent a piece of the wood, but thankfully, it didn’t break. You must look at each piece carefully because some look alike. Taking them out of the fame they are in is tricky, so you need a steady hand.

A passion for art: Book Nooks are a must-have; they act like a gateway to another world.

By Sergei Wing on Unsplash

The illusion the Book Nook creates is fantastic. This is because the pieces are assembled like a 3D puzzle. Best of all, they don’t take much room because they are the size of a regular hard-cover textbook. It can be placed anywhere, like a bookshelf or coffee table. I put my Book Nook right next to my action figure, which happens to be Dragon Ball and Demon Slayer. So, there you have it, so what do you think? Will you get any book Nooks as a side project?

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