I Just Realized that 'The Cheetah Girls' Wore Leopard Print and It Has Ruined My Childhood...

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I Just Realized that 'The Cheetah Girls' Wore Leopard Print and It Has Ruined My Childhood...

'The Cheetah Girls' is a Disney owned band that is completely based on the Disney movie series: 'The Cheetah Girls' (2003), 'The Cheetah Girls 2' (2006) and the often forgotten third movie 'The Cheetah Girls: One World' (2008). The movie is based on the popular series of children's books by Deborah Gregory. I guess Disney rarely writes their own unique material. The Cheetah Girls follows four teenage girlfriends, all from different ethnic and economic backgrounds, as they build their friendships and careers together, The four girls all attend a Manhattan high school specializing in fashion design. To be fair, the Leopard print is better fashion wise.

I was 14 when I first saw 'The Cheetah Girls' on TV

I fell in love 'The Cheetah Girls' so quickly! Probably because I was the exact age and gender they were targeting. You know, back when gender was believed to be binary.

I first liked it because of Raven who plays Galleria Garibaldi, but soon I fell in love with the whole crew, Dorinda (Sabrina Bryan), Chanel (Adrienne Bailon), and Aqua (Kiely Williams).

Cheetah print is just dots... so, it's actually kind of boring. Leopard print seems to have been much more trendy over the years that Cheetah print has ever been. It also seems pretty common that people would ever recognize the difference without someone directly pointing it out to them.

Leopard print is actually quite common when it comes to dresses, scarfs, decor etc. So it makes sense that they would be wearing a lot more Leopard print than cheetah... I mean... besides the fact they are called 'The Cheetah Girls'.

Exhibit A: Leopard Band Clothes

They would look just as good in regular Cheetah print... right?

Exhibit B: Leopard Slumber Party Pajamas and Robe

How do they sleep knowing that they are wearing lies?

Exhibit C: Leopard Track Suits

You can't run away from your problem while you are wearing it! I'm looking at you, Raven!

Even the cover of their music albums have leopard print on them...

Look at all that Leopard print decorating 'The Cheetah Girls'

Yellow Leopard Print, Pink Leopard Print, Blue Leopard Print, there is even some Zebra print for one of their dresses... but no Cheetah Print!

I guess The Cheetah Girls will wear anything but Cheetah print. It's kinda sad actually.

Why didn't they just call themselves 'The Leopard Girls'?

... or better yet, 'The Leopard Women'.

The actresses can't seem to escape Leopard print!

Sabrina Bryan, a.k.a. 'Dorinda' still wears Leopard print long after 'The Cheetah Girls' while she was participating in the show Dancing With The Stars. Fun note, her IMBD also says she is well known for The Cheetah Girls 2... I guess the sequel did better than the original?

Oh well... what can I do?

I guess the world will forever be covered in Leopard Print and never really Cheetah Print... I just discovered 'The Cheetah Girls' lie and I already know... there isn't much I can do. Sorry Cheetahs everywhere, your spots will never be recognized.

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