I Don't Be-Liev It: 'Logan' Deleted Scene Brings Back Sabretooth

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From Cyclops to Jean Grey, Rogue to Sabretooth, our clawed Canadian has made a fair few friends and enemies over the years.

I Don't Be-Liev It: 'Logan' Deleted Scene Brings Back Sabretooth

While #JamesMangold's #Logan was something of a three-person affair, side characters like Caliban and Donald Pierce helped bolster the trio of #Wolverine, Professor Xavier, and X-23. Perhaps one of the few criticisms (and even this is minor), is that more of the #Marvel back catalogue of heroes and villains didn't turn up for #HughJackman's swansong. From Cyclops to Jean Grey, Rogue to Sabretooth, our clawed Canadian has made a fair few friends and enemies over the years.

We have all heard how Ray Donovan actor #LievSchreiber was once slated to reprise his role as Victor Creed, a.k.a. Sabretooth, in Mangold's conclusion to the Wolverine trilogy; however, the #comicbook overlords and some scheduling conflicts decided this wouldn't be the case. Schreiber famously played Logan's brother-in-arms (and actual brother) in the maligned X-Men Origins: Wolverine from 2009. It is rumored that Sabretooth could've appeared in Logan as the leader of an underground railroad of forgotten mutants. Sure, Schreiber failed to return, but a deleted scene from Mangold's masterpiece now reveals that his character most certainly did.

Tooth Ache

For those questioning whether it was Tyler Mane returning from Bryan Singer's X-Men in 2000, no, it wasn't that either. No actual actor played the shaggy supervillain, but instead Sabretooth returned in action figure form for a nostalgia-filled cameo.

Dubbed "Bobby's Action Figures," the scene in question has been removed by Fox, but sees Jackman's Logan being quizzed about the meta inclusion of the #XMen comic books in the film. A subtle little Easter Egg brought Marvel's lycra-wearing series into Logan as a fantasized depiction of what really happened.

When asked by Bobby, an escapee of Dr. Zander Rice's, Wolverine maintains that a lot of what the kids are reading on the page is made up, but that the character of Sabretooth most definitely existed. We also get a nod to Origins — like it or lump it — in which Jackman referred to the birth of the Weapon X experiments and his adventures with Creed.

There is the typical subtle humor of the film where Bobby asks, "But now you’re doing good things?" and Logan replies:

“Kid, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Brother Where Art Thou?

Given that Sabretooth played such a part in Wolverine's backstory, and is one of his most notable foes since being introduced in 1977, it is certainly a shame that Mangold clearly had a vision for what he wanted to do with the character. Notice that the action figure appears to be a cross between the '90s version of Sabretooth that was made famous by X-Men the Animated Series and the Toy Biz figure from the Uncanny X-Men line from 1993. Either way, it has him looking more like Spider-Man's Kraven the Hunter than Schreiber's more realistic portrayal. Expect a boost in sales of Sabretooth figures after this, because who doesn't want their plastic Wolverine to have someone to battle?

Note as well that Bobby is the kid who holds the Wolverine figure at Logan's impromptu funeral, which seems even more tragic in context after this deleted scene. We currently don't know what other nuggets of comic book gold are lurking in the DVD and Blu-ray extras for Logan, but expect to find out more with the Digital download on May 16 and physical copies on May 23.

Tom Chapman
Tom Chapman
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