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House of the Dragon

Episode 6

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Two episodes ago I ranted because the men in the writers room once again proved that men can not write women without assaulting them, breaking them down and claiming “historical accuracy”. Last episode the women took the power back both in fiction and behind the screen. The women-written episode was a testament to what empowerment actually looks like for women. I went into tonight's episode knowing that there were both men and women in the writers room and behind the camera. Let's see how (and if) that changes the outcome of the show.

We underwent another time jump, this time 10 years later with Raenerya in childbirth. Alicent is really trying to go head to head with Raenerya and it is the world's dumbest decision. I hope Raenerya burns her with her dragon. Raenerya continues to be badass and strong and her relationship with Laenor is adorable. They are very best friend like and he also is having none of Alicents shit.

Viserys looks like he's hanging onto life by a literal thread, he is in rough shape. Him and Raenerya’s relationship seems to have healed a little though.

Alicent is on some shit right now, telling Laenor that eventually he’ll get a child that looks like him.

Raenerya has been cranking these kids out and they are all boys, which realistically according to the lore set up in this universe should only solidify her place as heir.

Alicent needs to die, I know she isn’t gonna but I really need her too. She’s talking so much shit right now, someone needs to remind her where her place is. Criston is also a bitter bitch and he needs to chill. Alicent is Cersei, she's overbearing and brainwashing her children for her own benefit. She’s crazy.

I too would just fly around on my dragon for funsies given the opportunity. Daemon and Laena are actually a very good match. She isn't afraid to stand up to him. But suicide by dragon fire is a rough way to go, and it almost looked like Daemon cared.

Criston is also getting bold, calling out her guard in front of the young Princes. The only consistent thing I like about this show is Viserys’ attempts at siding with Raenerya, he definitely faults sometimes but for the most part he is pretty good at taking his daughters side.

Raenerya using her power and position to keep Laenor in King's Landing is actually a very important move, it was smart and it will prove to be necessary Im sure. Also her offering a marriage and a dragon egg in front of the king and the court was AMAZING. It makes anything Alicent does in opposition look terrible, she looks like the bitch she is no matter what. Truly a brilliant power move (a woman totally wrote that scene).

This bitch ass hand to the king is about to ruin everything…Alicent is such a hypocrite. She is so busy trying to undercut Raenerya, on behalf of her son who genuinely does not care about the throne. She has no actual stake in this, and yet she won’t shut the fuck up.

Raenerya is amazing..she does what Laenor wants and they leave King’s Landing and she tells him to bring his…um…”training buddy”. She is doing everything she can to protect her family.

Alicent is starting to realize just how stupid she is when people are murdered for her. She fakes being a good person and wanting honor and justice but the reality is that she's a lost, power hungry, whimpering little whore who doesn’t understand how the world works or how this game is played.

Overall not a bad episode, I think it got a lot done in terms of character relations and the story seems to be building a little more.

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