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Highlights from "Threat Level Midnight"!!

by Nancy D 4 months ago in tv


Highlights from "Threat Level Midnight"!!

"Threat Level Midnight" is the movie that Michael Gary Scott makes using all of his employees as his cast. It is shown in season seven in episode 17 and it is hilarious! A few older characters even show up in the show (since editing apparently took so long) and it is hands down my personal favourite episode of The Office USA.

Threat Level Midnight

The intro itself is hilarious!

Michael's lines in general are... entertaining.

"Clean up on aisle five" —Michael Scarn

It fully says that Michael Scarn has retired being an assassin, and is not working at as a paper salesman. In other words, they are suppose to be in an office and not in a grocery store or anywhere with aisles... I can't find a way to even pretend this makes sense.

The brief scene showing the mansion... which is obviously shown to be a photo from an add for a realtor.

The very non-creative introduction to the story ...

"Several women's right groups are calling Scarn out for his..." that's it, you never get to see the rest of that newspaper clipping.

They show the same video twice... just with different newspaper clippings.

Dwight as the suck up butler... enough said

This really weird scene of Micheal obviously pretending to drive.

These people obviously know how to act, so it's pretty interesting to see them pretend to not know how to act.

The upbeat acting as the President!

Just kidding, he lacks enthusiasm.

Jim as the villain :)

I love the gold sparkles, it's a nice touch.

Not a fan of this line though ...

Nothing suspicious here ...

Yup, totally normal.

When you are out of bullets, don't forget to throw your gun!

He looks so happy with his medal.

It's just so cute. :)

The name of the bar :)

'The Funky Cat,' I bet Angela had something to do with this name.

Oh gawd, she's back.

Jan is just... not a nice person.

Oh good, she gets a dart to the neck!

He he, this is my favourite part. That's what you get for making Scott get multiple vasectomies back and forth just because she can't decide if she wants to have a kid with him or not... and for pretending not to hear the safe word with Michael Scott.

This is normal.

"Check, Please"—Michael Scarn

That would probably be my reaction if she died too.

Andy as the bartender :P

Oh, a cosmopolitan... I bet Scarn would love that!

This is priceless!



No comment needed.

She does have the most interesting line in the movie.

Let's not forget... 'Scarn The Dance'!

Oh gawd... his dance moves

[funky music]... enough said.

Karen actually gets into the fake acting so much, she pretends she doesn't know the moves the first time as she watches Michael and then does it the second time just fine.

The Lyrics:

"Well, my name’s Michael Scarn

and I’m here to say

I’m about to do the Scarn

in a major way.

(Techno music):

Well you jump to the right

and you shake that hand

and you jump to the left

and you shake that hand.

Meet new friends,

tie that yarn,

that’s how you do the SCARN."

This pro photoshopping skills!

I'm not even totally sure what learning how to play hockey had to do with stopping Golden Face.

The Gold Rope

Scorn's puck memories ...

What is going on with that memory in the left puck... and why are his memories from her perspective?

Especially the one based on the 'Animal Cracker' scene in Armageddon

Awe :( ... he's sorry

Oh, no forgiveness

"Go Puck Yourself"—Michael Scarn

When Jim dodged an invisible Hockey Puck

The green/yellow arrow shows where the puck was supposed to go. The red arrow shows where the puck actually went.

The president a bad guy ..what? :O

I'm glad they brought the Hobbit Accountant Bank. :)

I want to get my boyfriend a golden tie...

This... awkwardness...

The Wanted Poster

When Dwight finally got to be a robot!

The poor story writing.

The ending, just as Michael wanted it to be

It's possible they just didn't show the intro... but I'm pretty sure that this ending was thrown in without having this character introduce the story.

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