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Have You Caught The Riverdale Bug?

Archie's here. Betty's here, Veronica too...

By Nicole (Nikki) M.Published 7 years ago 3 min read

If you grew up in the 90’s, surely you remember reading the beloved Archie Comics. The main premise of the comic books revolved around four lovable characters – Betty, Archie, Jughead and Veronica. Throughout the series, these adolescent characters navigate their way through high school and early adulthood.

The new hit television show, Riverdale, is a fresh adaptation of the Archie comics. In this new TV series the characters are far more complicated, and it tells a slightly darker side of the story. As opposed to the comic book series' young target audience, Riverdale is geared toward the adult viewer. Episodes are action-packed, full of drama, mystery and sexy romance scenes that occur between the lead characters.

As a viewer who is in her early 30’s, I am enjoying the nostalgia aspect of the show, mixed with a new modernized perspective. The characters still have their lovable personalities that will keep you rooting for them, but along a more adult storyline. As a 90’s baby, it is so much fun to watch and compare the distinct differences between the original comics and the Riverdaletelevision show. In my opinion, the writers have done an excellent job with adding just enough nostalgia to keep the older viewer engaged while incorporating a lot of new twists and drama.

Times have changed a lot since the initial launch of the Archie comics. With a more modern approach, the Riverdale writers have done a wonderful job in adding more diversity to the characters and the plot. With the first gay character being introduced into the Archie comic series approximately 10 years ago, he is one of the lead characters in this wonderful nostalgic TV drama. It is so nice to see how far society has come and its emphasis on the importance of equality.

While watching the first season of Riverdale, I found myself clinging to the edge of my seat with anticipation. The TV show reminds me a lot of the board game Clue with it’s “who done it?” style of mystery. The acting in the TV show is half-decent, but it is the suspenseful plot that truly keeps me coming back for more!

In the comic books, the characters navigate their way through slightly more “typical” teenage struggles. Riverdale, however, is far less relatable for most viewers; the characters have deep-seated pasts and are facing highly unusual circumstances. Nonetheless, the characters are still very human and their displays of fear, sadness and lust are something that we likely can all relate to. There is something very raw and real about the emotions that the characters express throughout the show. As viewers, we might not relate to their personal experiences, however, I am certain that every single one of us (at one time or another) has faced fear, felt the sadness of losing a loved one and been infatuated with a crush.

Whether you are a child of the 90’s or not, this very suspenseful and mysterious drama is sure to entertain you. My advice is, check it out and find out what all the fuss is about. If it is your first time tuning into the show, don’t be surprised if you find yourself binge-watching the entire season, well into the wee hours of the morning. With that being said - be sure to grab some snacks and get cozy, because you are in for a real treat!

If you are a Riverdale fan and haven’t already done so, be sure to check out the new Road To Riverdale comic books. These comics are extremely well done and, even as an adult, I enjoy reading them before bed. You are never too old for comics, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

From the words of Jon Goldwater, the man in charge of the newRoad to Riverdale comic books:

"Archie is for everyone and Archie is everywhere. Most importantly, Archie is today."
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