Guardian Angel

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The tale of a guardian angel who won't dismiss his duty easily

Guardian Angel

Warnings: attempted suicide

Virgil was speedwalking away from his college in frustration. It wasn't hard for Logan to keep up with him or recognize Virgil's complex emotions. Maybe he wasn't the best at interpreting emotions when he was alive, but being Virgil's guardian angel for 23 years gave him a better understanding. Virgil's day consisted of a teacher failing to accommodate for his anxiety disorder, a belief that people were whispering about him, and some jerk encouraging everyone to laugh after he got clumsy, so it was obvious Virgil wasn't happy. Virgil sat down on a bench and looked in Logan's direction. Their communication went from Virgil seeing Logan as an imaginary friend to Virgil worrying he had more mental health problems to cautiously talking to Logan and keeping him a secret. There were some things Virgil found weird about Logan always being with him, but he had grown to not object to the angel's presence.

"You don't have to do anything. I just need to vent," Virgil muttered.

Logan nodded and just sat by Virgil. It wasn't the first time Virgil had to vent to him about wishing he could do more for those around him or be someone else to "make things easier." It wasn't even the first time people would look at Virgil like he was nuts since he was seemingly talking to no one. However, it was the first time Virgil would vent and soon have a look like he had an idea.

"Logan, how long do you have to stick around?" Virgil asked.

"Well, for the rest of your life, Virgil," he answered.

Virgil had a frown briefly appear on his face before looking towards the street.

"Well, consider yourself free..."

Virgil made a leap quickly and before Logan could do anything...

Logan found himself in a white room with no one else but an older blonde lady sitting at a desk. He remembered the lady from when he himself died and was assigned to be Virgil's guardian angel.

"I'm sure you're aware of what happened?" she asked.

"Will Virgil be alright?" he asked without thought.

"Well, the driver has made a call. However, from there, he'll be taken to AdventHealth where he will be treated by doctors that are either not skilled enough or just willing to give up," she responded with a somber expression.

Logan felt scared upon hearing what will happen to Virgil. However, upon remembering that he used to be a skilled doctor at AdventHealth, he had an idea.

"What if I were to change his fate?" Logan asked.

The surprised elder looked at him before saying "Well, what approach do you have in mind?"

"I used to be a doctor there. If you could revive me, then I might be able to heal him with my knowledge and their resources!" he announced.

"Well... truth be told, it would require a lot of work to alter the memories of those impacted by your death, but it's not against any documented rules. Usually, people who come here accept their own end," she admitted with hesitation.

"Well, how about I use a deal to help you decide? If I fail to heal him, then I stay here for good. If I succeed, I shall have my freedom to be with him as a human," Logan decided.

The lady could see what Logan was feeling. He initially just went along with his assigned task of being a guardian angel when they first encountered each other, but it was clear that he had grown to care so much about Virgil. They both knew that he wanted nothing more than for Virgil to be okay no matter if Logan would be part of his life. She extended her hand to Logan.

"Once this deal has been sealed, everyone else who knew you before Virgil's birth will think you've gone off the grid to find yourself. You'll still be the same age as you were when you died, but everyone else will think you just look that age," she declared.

He shook her hand without much thought and she smiled while foreseeing their fate.

When Logan walked into the hospital, there were a lot of shocked looks from old and new faces, especially as he asked which room Virgil Vanta was in. He rushed over to the room and, as he was told, a good amount of the doctors weren't as skilled as him. Some of the newer faces were hesitant to let someone who seemed like a stranger operate on the younger man, but the older doctors, though hesitant, trusted Logan to handle it.

A lot of hours turned into days of replacing some organs, restoring blood, and keeping Virgil's bones stable, but Logan was able to get Virgil into a hospital bed with his heart beating. He was still out cold for a few days after he was operated on, but all that mattered to Logan was that Virgil would live.

One day, while Logan was the only doctor in the room, he looked at the unconscious Virgil on the bed. He had seen how much Virgil had grown and so much good within him that the emo was blind to. He knew there was so much talented and intelligence within Virgil that anyone with an open mind would feel lucky to know about. He didn't know how Virgil would take seeing him, but being able to be there to see the delicate brown eyes of Virgil again would be enough to make Logan feel like a kid going to an amusement park. He gently stroked Virgil's purple hair and looked at him longingly. Just like the nights in college where was finally able to sleep, Logan felt so tempted to gently place a kiss on the lips that always erupted "Asking Alexandria" songs in the shower. Of course, Logan couldn't bring himself to do it.

He backed away when he saw movement from Virgil and immediately grabbed his clipboard for a professional first impression. Virgil squirmed and slowly opened his eyes. He looked around to take in his surroundings and groaned.

"Ah, Virgil Vanta. Glad to see you're awake. Well, your bones are still taking a while to heal, but other than that, we're lucky to have your organs and blood taken care of to keep you awake," Logan told him since he knew Virgil preferred if people didn't beat around the bush when talking to him.

Virgil followed the voice and couldn't help but stare at the doctor speaking. He knew the doctor looked familiar, but he didn't think it was possible. Logan noticed the staring.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Logan asked.

"Oh, um, it might be stupid," Virgil dismissed.

"I've heard worse from young mothers trying to deny pregnancy in front of their concerned parents. You don't have to worry," Logan retorted.

Virgil carefully sat up in the bed while wincing in pain. He looked around to see if he and the doctor were the only two in the room.

"It's just... there's this guy I've known my whole life. He's always been there for me. We've talked to each other, we've listened to each other, he has more effort into comforting me than my parents who deny the existence of mental illness. I always felt he was only there for me because he was obligated to be there for me. When I... went into the street, I was thinking that, even with all the wrong that I've done, I could do something right. And that something would be to release him from the burden. To free him from me. He's probably enjoying his freedom somewhere, though."

Logan listened to all Virgil had to say. He knew about the pain and remembered his parents not being helpful. He knew how much he cared for Virgil, but he supposed he didn't know how much Virgil cared for him.

"Sounds like... you love this fella," Logan faintly responded.

"Our circumstances were complicated, but, yes, I love him. He's probably enjoying his freedom, somewhere, so this feeling might not matter," Virgil finished while looking down.

He didn't think he would ramble as much to anyone as he would to his guardian angel, but something about the doctor made him feel safe.

Logan was surprised to hear about Virgil's love. He knew about the old crushes that came and went, but that was the first time Logan heard about Virgil admitting to loving someone. Logan sat on the edge of the bed so that he didn't accidentally sit on Virgil.

"Your anecdote reminds me of a story. There was an angel who spent years looking after a boy grow into an amazing young man. He went from loving him like a relative would to loving him as something more as the years went by. In fact, he loved the man so much that when he was hanging by a thread, he made a deal with an angel of higher power: If he were to return to Earth as a human to heal the man he loved, then he'd have the freedom to be with him properly," Logan narrated.

Virgil tilted his head as he looked at the doctor's face for a long while.

"What's your name, anyway, Doctor?" he asked.

"Logan Berry," Logan answered.

At the mention of his name, Logan saw Virgil's face light up. Logan smiled as he stroked Virgil's hair.

"You... came back... for me?" he asked in astonishment.

"Of course. You're worth it, Virgil. Both of us being human might mean some changes might happen, but I'm willing to be with you properly if you want it, too," Logan told him while glancing at Virgil's lips.

"No matter the changes, I wouldn't object to us being together," Virgil answered.

The emo closed the distance between their faces and they shared a kiss that felt like it was long overdue.

From that day forward, Virgil and Logan were able to be there for one another and they even chuckled every once in a while due to the two of them knowing more things about their relationship than anyone else would know.

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