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Good Omens Season 2

So Many Spoilers

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 3 min read

While most people waited years for season 2 of Good Omens, I only waited a week or so because I was so late to this train. That was a great choice however now I have to wait with everyone else. Season 2 really shows off Neil Gaiman’s incredible skill as a writer.

This season has a central plot in the present day but it more centers on the history between Aziraphale and Crowley. Now of course we got plenty of flashbacks in season one and their affection for each other was not subtle at all but season 2 really visits some of their most important moments together.

We have some new characters this season in Nina (the owner of the coffee shop), Maggie (the manager of the record shop), and Shax (a baby demon that seems to be working with Crowley).

The present day plot has to do with Gabriel. And we spend the entire season trying to figure out what it has to do with Gabriel. He shows up naked at Aziraphale’s door, without his memory.

We also find out that Crowley was cast out of heaven for simply asking questions. A majority of the flashbacks center around Crowley’s inherent goodness. Though he doesn’t exactly follow the path of heaven, he most definitely does not follow the evils of hell. And Aziraphale was always there to see the goodness in him. Crowley is a great vehicle for religious commentary as well. He questions how immoral the poor can really be if their “immoral” actions are committed in the name of survival. He does a great job of making Aziraphale question things as well. The only difference between the two really is that Crowley has accepted that Heaven and God don’t actually have a good plan for humans. Aziraphale is still very much in denial no matter how much he questions.

Even after saying that he won’t, Crowley helps Aziraphale hide Gabriel. When they do Heaven picks up on the power of the miracle that they performed so in order to cover it up Aziraphale tells the angels that he performed a miracle to help two humans fall in love. Aziraphale and Crowley now need to play matchmaker in order to get those two humans to fall in love. We got two little subplots here this season that were perhaps filler but they were entertaining filler; The Resurrectionists and Zombies, Nazi Zombies. Who knows if we will see more from them in season 3.

Season 3 is in fact planned and plotted AND based on the unpublished sequel that Gaimen and Terry Pratchet wrote together, but there will be no writing until the WGA strike is over. Gaimen also stated that season 2 was the in between time, the set up to the sequel he and Pratchett wrote together.

I love that the ongoing theme in this show is that the powers of heaven and hell can not stop the power of love. Gabriel and Beeazlebub. And of course Crowley and Aziraphale who finally admitted their feelings for each other. Them having very different ideas of what being together means was absolutely heartbreaking. I finally get a kiss and then they go their separate ways.

I love Neil Gaimen and he did such an incredible job on this season and he absolutely ruined my day with that ending. I know that there will be a season 3 but still my heart is going to hurt for the next 3-4 years before we get it. Overall the season was incredible and I have no complaints whatsoever.

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