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Gomble Airdrop: Start Engaging with $0 Investment

My strategy for Gomble airdrop

By Sam BTCPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Continuing with my focus of looking out for opportunities in the crypto space, where I do not have to risk my capital and I can still expect good rewards, I have found another gem called Gomble.

I know that free airdrops get farmed my more users but the good thing is that once in a while we come across projects that get faded by the majority and end up giving great airdrops. Gomble seems to be giving out that vibe.

What Exactly is Gomble?

The vision of Gomble is to create an ecosystem of games that are easy to understand and play while having an attractive user interface.

They feel that the current gaming industry is over commercialised and has lost focus on what users like to play. We all have come across games that look extremely basic but end up being super addictive like Candy Crush. Many people dismiss these games as stupid but they end up getting the biggest userbase.

Gomble would also link this ecosystem to the blockchain so there is a mechanism to reward active users.

What You Need to do to Improve your Airdrop Score?

This airdrop grind does not have any complex steps. You just need to connect your Twitter and start performing basic social tasks like retweeting and liking their posts etc. You get points for a daily check-in on their portal. People who are more active in Discord get roles that rewards additional points.

The collection of points is labelled as heating the balloon as more points you collect the more fuel your Air balloon gets and it starts to move upward. Your altitude level is indicator of your airdrop score.

On top of this score you also get to collect an additional native score called mystery marble which will give you an additional boost to the airdrop score.

Another option to improve your score is to join the referral program and share the invite with your friends and network.

Gomble Tokenomics!

There will be a max total supply of 1,000,000,000 Gomble tokens. Of this 10% is reserved for airdrop and marketing events.

Their Twitter already has a follower count in excess of 350K so it means a lot of people have started doing the Twitter related tasks. What would be interesting to see though will be how many are able to do it consistently and are able to collect a decent score.

They have already mentioned in their white paper that a DAO will be created so the way funds will be utilised will be handled in a democratic way by the community.

They have also included a good piece in the token distribution plan for content creators. So if you actively create crypto related blogs and videos then there is an added incentive to align yourself with Gomble for the long term.

Their DAO and Treasury will also be linked to facilitate setup of tournaments and prize pools within the games to encourage more active players.

Gomble is actively promoted by Binance labs but it most probably will be cross-chain ecosystem as the list of projects backing it already includes Polygon and Aptos.

The current season of Airdrop campaign is expected to run until end of April 2024 and there might be further rounds of airdrops. This means it will not be a quick airdrop and might take some time before the distribution happens.

My recommendation will be to keep it in your radars and keep interacting couple of times a week so in the the long run you are able to consolidate a good amount of airdrop score.

Referral Code

If you would like to try out this airdrop opportunity then feel free to use my referral code - 0qSsJc



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