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'General Hospital’ fans have questions regarding Traci Quartermaine’s return

Viewers want details related to Jane Elliot’s character oming back to Port Charles.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Traci is back.

Jane Elliot retired from daytime two years ago and left General Hospital and Port Charles behind. Her character Traci Quartermaine went Paris and met up with the love of her life Luke Spencer. Viewers thought this was permanent as the actress said she was tired after 40 years in daytime television. Elliot also never mentioned anything about ever coming back to the ABC daytime drama. Spoiler alerts began surfacing in mid December indicating that the veteran soap star would return, but no first air date was given.

On Christmas Eve, Kane Elliot’s character showed up at General Hospital for the children’s party. She was just standing there as if that’s where she had always been. There was such a big deal made prior to Traci leaving town that her quiet return seemed somehow inappropriate. The only noticeable change in Ms. Elliot is that she has allowed her red/brown hair to go gray. On the few episodes where she has been seen? Traci sparred with her granddaughter Brook Lynn and helped out at the hospital for Christmas. She asked Michael if he needed help with ELQ and that was about it. Her encounters with Monica and Olivia were pretty tame .

Viewers were given no explanation for her sudden return. and have no idea of what to expect. There are quite a few questions on the minds of the fans that need answering. The first is why did Jane Elliot come out of retirement? Did she miss her role as Traci or did the powers that be woo her back? Will she only be around for a short period of time, or is this permanent? What happened in Paris between Traci and Luke and are they still together? When Anthony Geary left his role of Luke Spencer, he said he would not be returning to General Hospital. The powers that be were able to woo him back for a 60 second spot when his “Spanky buns” saw him in the a Paris cafe. It was assumed that the two rode off into the sunset together.

It’s understandable why Geary’s character would not be back in Port Charles, but off that Traci has not even mentioned Luke. There should have at least been greetings for Lulu and her children. Ms. Quartermaine’s return was nonchalant as if she had only gone into the kitchen and came back out. Not one person who she encountered showed much surprise at her coming back to town. The only friction was when it was revealed that Monica had updated the furniture in the mansion and Monica quoted her signature sentence of “ Alan left me the house.”

Loyal fans want to know if Traci will attempt to get ELQ away from Michael, cause problems for Ned, Olivia and or her granddaughter. Had Jane Rlliot simply returned for a holiday visit no one would be wondering what is going on. She has not been shown much since before New Year, but spoiler alerts tease she will most likely be sticking around. Fans of the veteran actress are excited to see her and grateful there I’d conflict in the Quartermaine home once more. No one keeps trouble brewing like Edward and Lila’s daughter and viewers desire to know what she has up her sleeve.

It’s been a while since there was a knock down drag out between the Q’s. With only Ned, Monica, and Olivia in the house there was no drama. Things became doom and gloom with Oscar, Drew, and Kim. Julian arguing with Ned and his son’s mother was not really Wuartermaine related. Franco’s Selina was not on the level of a real Ouartermaine mystery. Now that those issues have been resolved perhaps things can get back to normal, so to speak.

Spoiler alerts don’t say much about Traci’s future on General Hospital. Right now the big storyline revolves around Nikolas, Valentin and their loved ones. Either Ms. Quartermaine will exit as silently as she recently arrived, or something big is coming for the dysfunctional Q’s. Michael has agreed that Ned could help him run the family business but Traci may have other ideas. Continue watching for spoile alerts to update this storyline. Be sure to continue tuning in to the Port Charles drama each weekday afternoon. All the action takes place at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.


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