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'General Hospital' fans are stunned by the news that Kimberly McCullough is retiring from acting.

by Cheryl E Preston 2 years ago in tv

Robin Scorpio Drake's portrayer now prefers working behind the scenes.

A young Robin Scorpio

Kimberly McCullough is a fan favorite who has delighted General Hospital fans off and on for 35 years. From the time she was a little girl, her character Robin Scorpio Drake has been a delight and viewers have enjoyed watching her grow from a child into a beautiful woman. The actress recently shocked her followers when she announced on Instagram that she is retiring from acting. Many General Hospital fans suspected something was up this past May of 2019, when her character, and her daughter Emma did not attend the annual Nurses Ball. Robin was an integral part of this yearly fund raiser prior to moving to San Francisco with her family. The gala brought Mrs. Drake and her daughter back to Port Charles each year because it raised money and awareness for HIV and Aids, which are near and dear to her heart.

Viewers who have bee watching General Hospital for the long haul will recall, that Kimberly McCullough began acting on the ABC daytime drama at age seven. In 1985, Robin Scorpio made her first appearance when she walked up to her TV dad, Robert, (Tristan Rogers) and said “Hi, my name is Robin.” Longtime viewers may also recall how cute she was and that the young actress was wearing a fluffy bouffant dress. This was how WSB agent, turned Port Charles DA, Robert Scorpio first found out that he had a daughter with Anna Devane, who had kept his child a secret.

When Robin was a teenager, both her parents were presumed dead because of an explosion. This is when she went to live with her uncle Mac (John J. York) and his wife Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and step cousins Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Georgie (Lindze Letherman) These were Felicia's daughters with Frisco Jones. Robin became front and center when her first boyfriend Stone Cates (Michael Sutton) died of Aids in her arms. Robin later found that she, herself had contracted HIV. Robin was determined to fight the disease and became a dedicated doctor, who over the years, developed many life-saving protocols for patients who were at death's door. The Nurses Ball was created to honor Robins battle with HIV and to keep the memory alive of Stone who died so young from Aids.

In some of the more outlandish General Hospital storylines that seemed like science fiction, Robin's skills resurrected a few people from the dead. Stavros Cassadine was brought back to life and also the man she thought was Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) but it was actually his previously unknown twin brother Andrew Cain (Billy Miller). Robin, along with her husband Dr. Patrick Drake, and daughter Emma moved away from Port Charles, and later a son was added to the family. Mrs. Scorpio Drake is a beloved character, and fans are stunned that Kimberly McCullough will no longer be a part of the General Hospital cast. The rumor mill had suggested that Jason Thompson would leave The Young and the Restless, to reprise his role as Patrick Drake on General Hospital. Some viewers thought this meant that Robin and their children would come back as well.

Now that Kimberly McCullough has made her plans absolutely clear, viewers realize there will be no coming back for this beloved family. Out of respect for the actress and her loyal devotees, there more than likely will be no recast of the role she originated. Her television parents and those in charge of the Nursrs Ball will probably mention Robin and Emma from time to time and keep their memory fresh, at least for a while. The reason McCullough is leaving acting behind, is because has been busy behind the camera, focusing on a career in directing.

During the past five years, the popular soap veteran has directed 25 episodes of television series. These include Roswell, The Bold Type, Almost Family and Carol’s Second Act, as well as others. Decades ago, there were not a lot of daytime drama actors who became producers and directors. There definitely were not many women who successfully switched directions as Kimberly McCullough has done. Loyal fans will be happy to know that the woman who portrayed Robin is moving onward and upward, but she will still be missed. Best of luck to Kimberly and who knows she may return to General Hosputal some day. Jane Elliot who portrays Traci Quartermaine retired i 2017, yet she was back in Port Charles during the holidays.


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