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Geeky Gifts for The Big Bang Theory Fan

Any fan of The Big Bang Theory will be saying ‘Bazinga!’ with these must-have products.

By Geeks StaffPublished 8 years ago 5 min read

If you use the word 'Bazinga!' throughout the day, then you might be a fan of The Big Bang Theory. Many people have spoken out to criticize the show, but we must remember that they were given an unlikable subject and they turned it into something hilariously appreciable. Doctor Sheldon Cooper, a theoretical physicist and the King of Nerds, is the favorite character for most viewers. His character is considered to be one of the key reasons behind the sustained success of the show which is going into its tenth season. Sheldon finds it troubling to keep up with social codes of conduct. He’s also hysterically horrible at understanding sarcasm and humor, although unintentionally, he makes use of these social norms rather often. But even Sheldon would know that these 10 products are must-haves for any fan of The Big Bang Theory.

We'll be honest here. We hadn't heard of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock until that episode of The Big Bang Theory. You could say that prior to that day we were traditional roshamboists. When we heard Sheldon explain how it works and why it's superior to your standard-grade RPS, we immediately paused the TV and went over to the Interweb to do research. And indeed, we found the page by Sam Kass, the genius behind this version. His phenomenon must now be part of our life. However, none of us knew anything about this version of the game.

"Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, little ball of fur. Happy Kitty, sleepy Kitty, purr, purr, purr." This popular children's song has been popularized by the characters Sheldon and Penny in The Big Bang Theory. They sing it to each other when one of them is sick though Sheldon is the common recipient. You don't have to have an actual feline on hand to be soft, warm, happy, and sleepy just like our favorite kitty. This is especially good news for those of us with allergies. Not that it's going to stop us from cuddling soft kitties, but at last we'll have something soft and warm to cover us while we lay on the couch and sniffle as a result.

How many times has this happened to you? You're showering, lathering up your hair, and as you read the ingredients, you notice Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Of course, you know it's a straight-chain alkyl benzene sulfonate (I mean, who doesn't?), but you forgot what Laureth is! The horror! If only you had paid more attention to your Chemistry professor! This might not remind you what Laureth is (it's a contraction for lauryl-ether, made from the sulfation of lauryl alcohol, but you knew that), but it's hard to deny the Periodic Table Shower Curtain's usefulness. All the time you spend in the bathroom, you might as well brush up on your transition metals, and your lanthanide and actinide series.

You'll never have to tell anyone else who doesn't know you that their sitting in your spot again with Sheldon's infamous anti-social tag line 'You're in my spot!' pillow. Anyone who spots this pillow on your sofa will know you're probably a fan of The Big Bang Theory and if they don't for sure they wont sit in your spot!

Knock, knock, knock, “Penny?” Any fan of The Big Bang Theory will instantly recognize Sheldon’s trademark knocking pattern from his frequent visits to Penny’s apartment. Order your t-shirt now, and start annoying your neighbors with your attire in addition to your Asperger’s.

Soft Kitty is pretty successful at making us feel better. But you know what would make us feel better quicker? Soft KITTIES. Multiple kittens. At least two - one for each foot. It seems only right. You can name one Oppenheimer and the other one Zazzy. As it should be. These super cute, grey slippers feature Soft Kitty's head on the front of each. They are closed slippers, meaning they go all the way around your foot and have a heel to keep you from losing your kitties. They also have non-slip bottoms to prevent you from falling on your butt and needing 'Soft Kitty' to be sung to you for real.

Amazingly enough, Sheldon did not actually use the term 'bazinga' (sometimes spelled 'buzzinga' in the closed captioning for the show), which he uses to denote that whatever he said before it was meant to be a joke, until the season finale of the second season of the series! It has become wildly popular ever since. The term first showed up in the writers room at The Big Bang Theory. It was the catch phrase of writer Stephen Engel, who would use it whenever he played a prank on a fellow writer. The Big Bang Theory co-creator Bill Prady recalled a time that Engel gave him a grapefruit but when Prady went to eat it, it turned out to be hollowed out and carefully put back together. Engel then said, 'Bazinga!'

A primitive model? Nothing primitive about this necklace! Mastering the atomic and subatomic field of quantum mechanics is an awesome end goal, but you know you have to start with the basics the way we all did: the Rutherford-Bohr model atom. Now, being able to wear one around your neck could be a great way to start. Don't you think? We have added some color, a beautiful nucleus, and a few negative charges to make it more exciting. Can the atoms make a transition between the orbits? Well! Let's save that for the next necklace that we create for you! The pendant is made with silver-plated brass sheet. The atom and orbiting electrons are holographic clear, peridot, amethyst, and holographic turquoise.

Leonard: "Yes! For God's sake, Sheldon, do I have to hold up a "sarcasm" sign every time I open my mouth?" Sheldon: "You have a sarcasm sign?" Leonard: "No, I do not have a sarcasm sign." Your neighbor has this piece of property which she quite erroneously refers to as a home. It's not a home; it's a swirling vortex of entropy. And since she sleeps like the dead (and has a snoring problem that really needs medical attention), she shouldn't mind you cleaning it. Seems perfectly logical. Why not? The carpet IS dirty and probably teeming with bacteria. What? Was he being sarcastic? How were YOU supposed to know? Maybe he should have been wearing this shirt. This shirt provides a friendly start tag on the front and a end tag on the back.

Socks are a great way to make a subtle statement. Basically, if you don't want anybody to know about them, they're your little secret. But for those times when you need to inject a little humor into a boring meeting: pull your pants leg up and watch coworkers try to stifle their laughs. Make sure you time it so that whoever is talking can't see you and is talking about something ENTIRELY HUMORLESS for maximum effect. Choose from one of three The Big Bang Theory designs, Argyle Bazinga!, Soft Kitty Stripes and Bazinga! Caped Socks.

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