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From Where Did Thanos Get All The Infinity Stones in MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe)?

Before the big bang happened, there existed 6 singularities in the universe which existed in the form of infinity stones - space, time, mind, soul, power, and reality.

The Infinity Gauntlet

Before the big bang happened, there existed 6 singularities in the universe which existed in the form of infinity stones - space, time, mind, soul, power, and reality.

Most of the MCU characters had been in contact with the infinity stones at least once during their screen time and Most of the movies in the MCU revolved around these 6 stones. And it all came together in the Avengers: Infinity War when the MAD TITAN collected all 6 infinity stones and wiped out half of the living creatures.

So from where did he get all the stones? Continue reading to find out about the story of infinity stones and from where he got them.

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The Space Stone

As the Name Suggests, the Space Stones helps in traveling through space. During the start of the Infinity War, we saw Loki giving the Tesseract to Thanos.

Loki in the Avengers Infinity War

So where did he get the Tesseract from? He stole it from Asgard just before the planet was destroyed by Hela and Surtur. This was shown in the movie Thor: Ragnarok.

How did the stone reach Asgard? In the first Avengers movie, after the team defeated Loki and the Chitauri Army, Thor was shown taking Loki and the Tessaract Back to Asgard.

How did it get in the hands of Loki? Nope, I am not going even further down the line. I will just give a brief overview of the start.

This is the first stone that was shown in the MCU stones. We first saw it in Captain America: The First Avenger. During World War 2 times, Red Skull got the tesseract and used it to make powerful weapons as it helped as an incredible energy source.

Then after Captain America defeats Red Skull and teleports him into space, it was shown that the tesseract fell into the ice. Then it was received by Howard Stark, then again to Hydra, then the Captain America Story, and finally to Loki.

The Power Stone

Power Stone gives incredible power to the one who has it. It has the power to even wipe out an entire planet. It was first shown in the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1.

The Power Stone

In its final scene after the Star-Lord defeated one of Thanos's Children, it was shown that it was given to the police force of Xandar for safety. And according to the statement by Thor in the Avengers Infinity War, Xandar was destroyed by Thanos's Army and he got the stone from them, just before the start of the Infinity War. This was the first stone he collected.

The Mind Stone

The Mind Stone helps in controlling people's mind and manipulate their thoughts.

The Mind Stone in the Septor

Thanos got the mind stone at the end of the Infinity War after killing Vision. It was first shown in Loki's scepter which was used by the Hydra Members to create super-powered humans like quicksilver and Wanda to defeat the Avengers. It was the same stone that is used to create Vision too in the movie Age of Ultron.

The Time Stone

As the name suggests, it's basically a time machine in a miniature stone form. It helps in traveling or seeing the future, present, and the past.

Doctor Strange

This was first shown in the Doctor Strange Movie. During the fight on Thanos's home planet, Doctor Strange gives the stone to Thanos in exchange for Iron man's life. As he has seen all the possibilities for their winning, he knows that this is the only way around for them to succeed.

The Reality Stone

The Reality Stone helps in manipulating reality. Like the scene, we saw in the Infinity War when Thanos changed a completely destroyed planet into a green prosperous one.

This was shown in the movie Thor: The Dark World in the form of Ether. During the movie, it was handed over to the collector for safekeeping. And when the Guardians of the Galaxy members landed on the Planet, they saw that it was completely destroyed by Thanos and he got the infinity stone from the collector.

The Soul Stone

I am not really sure about what the soul stone does in the MCU. But according to what I heard, I think it helps in manipulating the soul or it works as a connection between the real world and the soul world.

Like when the time, Thanos was talking to little Gamora, it was speculated that he was using the soul stone to do that. There is also speculation that the people who died during the snapping didn't actually die and that they are trapped in this soul world.

He got this stone from the planet of Vormir. The red skull was shown as the person who was guarding the stone. As he said to possess the gem one has to sacrifice the thing that they love the most. A soul for a soul. He sacrificed Gamora to get the infinity stone.

This is how Thanos managed to get all the infinity stones. Thanks for reading. I am also writing articles on " The Story of the Infinity Stones" and " To Where did Captain America Take Back the Infinity Stones? ". Follow me on Instagram / Pinterest to get notified of future content like this.

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