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"Frantz" is in love with the flames of war, missed and sighed

by Gauthier Lanctot 9 months ago in product review
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How can there be two true loves in the world?

This is a feature film directed by François Ozon, starring Pierre Niney and Paula Beer, and released in 2016.

At the end of World War I, the German woman Anna presented flowers to her fiance’s grave every day, but she could not get out of the pain of losing her lover. One day, the mysterious French man Atian came to express his condolences. He claimed to be Franz's friend before his death. Not only did Anna not regard him as an enemy of the country, Aimiao also grew up quietly.

Suspense Taboo Love

Ou Rong’s films are good at creating treacherous atmospheres, using mirror images to divide people into two or integrating multiple identities, and use visual and auditory effects to enhance the narrative content; the film even quotes famous paintings and mentions well-known poets. Some literary and artistic influences. For example, Anna visited the Louvre to watch the famous Mane painting "Suicide" that Attian once said. This is a non-traditional depiction of suicide. Instead, it jumps to the scene after the incident. It does not praise sacrifice or heroism at all. Or the idealistic preaching meaning, the unique arrangement can be said to refer to the extraordinary love of the movie.

The director is unique in the arrangement of the pictures and sounds. The film takes black and white photography as the main body, encounters Atian playing the piano and recalls the past of the war. The pictures are turned to color, so that the story is slightly free from the grief and fog of the post-war period; The swaying sound of a stroke of leaves, in addition to the appearance of Anna looking forward to spring, also contrasted with the rumbling of the battlefield.

Ou Rong’s works often focus on taboo romance or sexual exploration, such as the compensated dating girl in "A Good Woman", the entangled love affair between the heroine of "The Double Lover." and the twins. He laid out the plot and created a suspenseful atmosphere. It's really a set. Anna was moved by Attian, which not only accorded with the literary proposition of "falling in love with someone you shouldn’t love", but also pointed out that the war provoked the long-term rivalry between Germany and France. Ou Jong also used ambiguous lens language and narrative. The way that Attian and Franz's friendship is fascinating. Combining multiple elements in a feature film of less than two hours can see the director's ambition and lead the audience to taste a romantic, short-lived, poignant love.

Are there two true loves in the world?

Although the title is "Frantz", Franz has few shots, but everything arises because of him. Anna and Atian have an intersection, and the possibility of love has increased. The love of the great age always oscillates in the sea and the rock and the fragility. The audience does not know Franz deeply, but is deeply fascinated by Atian’s fragility and applauds Anna’s determination. However, the truth has buried the relationship between the two. variable. Anna and Franz’s oath of the mountain alliance before the battle, after the war, only miss and sorrow remained. Her memory of Franz was no longer in the past. The appearance of Atian not only made her see the unknown side of her fiance, but also let her drift. My heart has something to rely on.

Are there two true loves in the world? Anna and Atian each have an object they can't let go of, and their feelings are different. They meet with the rotation of the wheel of fortune, mixed with nationality, hatred, and violation of the world. It is said that they were born in the wrong time and at the wrong time and opportunity. It would be too sentimental to see each other.

Lovers who visit by accident not only test the choice of true love, but also tell themselves that the potential to love and be loved is never limited. Even if the people around you spurned it, you will be humiliated and tortured. There has been a desperate pursuit and this life will not be in vain. As for the doubts about "How can there be two true loves in the world?" and "How can a lover be replaced?" It's not important anymore, because love is never drawn on the scales of rational and moral criticism.

Love of War

The ending of the film is undoubtedly regrettable, but it gives the audience good expectations for love. After the war, people still live in the shadow of war. Atian's appearance filled Anna's lonely heart, and it made Franz's parents seem to relive the scene of their son alive. It is said that the war is ruthless, and this fire continued after the war with more forgiveness, atonement and tenderness. A single spark can start a prairie fire. The gunfire that Franz received ignited the love affair between Anna and Atian. Whether it was driven by fate or accidental involvement, the two who were caught in the torrent of history are just that The epitome of the times.

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