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"The Wretched": The combination of the devil boy and the aunt Tiger, the story of the patrolling child of the Millennium Witch

Brilliant and diverse supernatural power

By Gauthier LanctotPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The horror film (The Wretched) produced in 2019, (Brett Pierce), (Drew T. Pierce) directed, and (John-Paul Howard) starring.

The story is based on the legend of the American countryside. It describes the youth class whose parents are discordant. In the summer vacation, he leaves his mother and lives with his father who works by the sea. However, he finds that the neighbors next door behave strangely, and then dug up the millennium witch pretending to be the neighbor’s mistress and kidnapping children everywhere. Secret.

Country legend, strange and charming

What is a skinwalker? According to Native American Indians, it is a terrifying witch with multiple supernatural powers that can be transformed into animals or parasitic on humans.

The movie starts with a child disappeared many years ago, and then jumps to a sentimental class. From the perspective of a child, it brings out the pervasiveness and superb witchcraft of the skinwalker. The child is abducted based on the forest. Unsuccessful, it turns into an animal approaching a family of four. . The Leather Walker is a fusion of the common demon boy and aunt tiger in Taiwan, matched with the classic man-eating monster image of Western horror films, reminiscent of Stephen King's "It Chapter Two", which depicts the charm of ancient legends, and people are good at forgetting and ignoring Factual nature

Brilliant and diverse supernatural power

Audiences who like to watch horror movies are eager for surprises and shocks. The skinwalker's body is not necessarily terrible. At most, it is constantly making bones clicks and twisting his body, and the eyes that emit strange beams in the dark make people afraid of being caught by her. Stare. The most disgusting thing is that she transforms into an animal and lives in a living human body. Any amiable neighbor or your friend who has just dig out your heart may be a skinwalker, making the audience wonder who is the next poor prey and host. , There is a kind of unpredictable fear of the enemy's movements.

The wonderful thing is that most adults are easily hypnotized by skinwalkers. They don’t want to believe in the weird phenomena discovered by children. They may even be ordered to kill. This is enough to show that skinwalkers have a strong mana and their determination to kill people. They also fully demonstrate their behavior. Knowing the skill, it is clear that adults are susceptible to hints and often turn a deaf ear to the true understanding and emotions of children.

The film is nothing special if it just allows the skin walkers to run around, find the host and eat the children. The story puts the neighbors and couples in crisis, from the hostess's body being wounded, soiled, dark circles falling to the chin, to the plants that pass by must wither, and the dark nature of devouring is chilling.

The top super power of Pikewalker is to make you forget your lost family. At the end of the film, I look back at the beginning of the class and the family photo. It is revealed that Pi Xingzhe has long been eyeing the male protagonist. The audience can't help but admire his host's disguise ability as a host, and the bits and pieces that make you forget to get along with your loved ones. The only weakness is that she can't Resist the innocent and brave teenagers to fight back. When the protagonist goes deep into the bottom of the tree to find missing children, it can be said to end the sad cycle of adults always refusing to listen to children and children having difficulty resisting the evil witch.

Adversity repairs family affection

Ban sees his father's distrust and remembers his forgotten family, bravely countering and saving innocent children, it is the climax of the film. Fighting against monsters and regaining one's self is a must in horror films. Although the hero's memory suddenly recovered a bit abruptly, the audience connected all the clues and suddenly realized that the seemingly ordinary moments of parenting and children actually hide mystery.

From outsiders' perspective, Pikewalker is just a combination of a thousand-year-old witch and a man-eater, but the male protagonist reversed his image because of her appearance, grew up to become a hero overnight, and even repaired his relationship with his parents. This monster is his enemy. It's also a nobleman too!

The ending of the movie is a foreshadowing, which seems to imply that the skinwalker will make a comeback, adding a sense of suspense. It also makes people understand that the Millennium Witch can live so long, not only relying on the ability to transform, but also learning to advance with the times and know how to modify behavior. ability.


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