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Female Comic Book Villains

by Bill Shaffir 3 years ago in comics

Women are bad, too. Check out some of the most notorious female comic book villains.

Female Comic Book Villains

Comic books have created some pretty strong female characters over the years, many of whom are villains. Many of these strong lady characters have become some of the greatest female comic book villains of all time. Some of these female villains have become even more iconic than their male counterparts.

Most of these powerful badasses are out for revenge of some kind or another, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Many of these evil-doers rely on traditional means to achieve their goals — mostly seduction and other forms of mind control. That being said, many of these ladies kick as much conventional ass as male super villains. Without further ado, here is a list of some of the most fierce female comic book villains.


Catwoman by Adam Hughes

Batman has plenty of female villains, but none of them are bigger names than the infamous Catwoman. Catwoman is an icon, and while she isn't the most diabolical of the villains on this list, she is quite the accomplished jewel thief. Her treatment of Bruce Wayne over the years, and the fact that she's a fan favorite, secures her a spot on any list of female comic book villains.

Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike by Maya

If her name is any indication, this is one kick-ass female out of the other female comic book villains. She is basically the female version of Wolverine, except she is fighting for darkness. Throughout her comic book run, Lady Deathstrike has worked mainly as a mercenary and an assassin -- longing for the day where she can finally kill Wolverine.

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix by Greg Land

Dark Phoenix has an incredible amount of superpowers, and she uses them exclusively for evil. Coming from X-Men, Jean Gray is exposed to deadly radiation while out on a solar mission to outer space. This gives her mutant telepathic power, which, you guessed it, she doesn't use for the benefit of mankind. The amount of destruction she's capable of doing makes her one of the more dangerous female comic book villains.


From Marvel comes Enchantress, one of Thor's most ruthless enemies. A charter member of the Masters of Evil, Enchantress is known for using her spells and potions to get whatever evil she has up her sleeve accomplished. This smart and sexy villain always has the upper-hand over her male nemesis, and she has no trouble distracting them into submission.


Mystique is a shape shifter, and she is able to become anything she wants in order to get what she wants. On this list of female comic book villains, she is the traditional femme fatal. She has seduced many X-Men heroes over the years, and she is one of the sexier villains in the history of the form. She was played by Jennifer Lawrence in the film version, so, I mean, c'mon, you get it.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn by Jim Lee

Batman is one of the most popular comics of all time, so it makes sense that it would have multiple female comic book villains getting some love on this list. Originally appearing in the Batman television series, Quinn would become so popular she'd get her own spin-off. Quinn is a fan-favorite because she likes old-school trickery, as well as just pissing off the good guys for the sake of pissing them off — she is after all, the lady version of The Joker.

Poison Ivy

Batman and Poison Ivy by Brian Bolland

Poison Ivy is a sexy botanist and perpetual thorn in Bruce Wayne's side. Her love for the ecosystem comes before everything else — including human life. Much like nature itself, she is extremely beautiful, but also like nature, she can be deadly. She was portrayed by Uma Thurman in Batman & Robin.

Black Cat

Black Cat by Iago Maia

Black Cat is definitely one of the sexiest female comic book villains of all time. Not so fast, as her looks tend to curse and bring bad luck. She is a former burglar who can get anything she desires with a stare from her green, cat-like eyes. While she isn't overly destructive and seeking world domination like others on this list, she is dangerous to be tangled up with, nonetheless.


Sin is a mortal enemy of Captain America, and one of the more devious female comic book villains. She helped assassinate Captain America — although he doesn't actually die (spoiler alert) — and is a warrior for the axis powers. She even prepared an army of Nazi soldiers to take over the capital of Washington D.C., where they did unspeakable damage.


Circe is the most powerful sorceress in the DC Universe. To become so, she made a deal with the Greek Gods in order to exact revenge on her enemies. Circe vowed to kill Wonder Woman, and in one occasion, did. Still, it's a comic book, so many of these characters have nine lives and Wonder Woman would be back. After nearly wiping out the Amazons, Circe secured her place on any list of female comic book villains.

Bill Shaffir
Bill Shaffir
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