'Fear the Walking Dead' and 'The Walking Dead' Crossover?

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Worlds Collide

'Fear the Walking Dead' and 'The Walking Dead' Crossover?

At New York Comic Con on Saturday night, Robert Kirkman (an American comic book writer) revealed an extremely tempting prospect for the glorious months to come: a crossover episode between The Walking Dead and its prequel, Fear the Walking Dead. Even though Fear the Walking Dead was uniquely carefully designed to stand on its own. Robert correctly states that Fear the Walking Dead has grasped the point where it has its own identity. Kirkman loves to tease, but rest assured: Presently there was precisely a small crossover between both successful shows. When Morgan, who formerly was in The Walking Dead crossed over to Fear the Walking Dead. Fans have been a bit upset about losing Morgan. Even though many people thought Morgan was been killed off in The Walking Dead, in my opinion, Morgan splits from Rick’s group after the Negan War and heads west and a time jump will allow the Fear crew to catch up so this will work with the timelines.

That’s leaving a lot of details blank, but it’s an opportunity for this crossover to happen, to be the set-up for a much longer plan. Without a member of Rick’s group leaving and telling Madison about Rick’s group, the only way the two could ever meet is through random chance. So maybe Morgan is the gateway towards this mashup. But Morgan wasn't the single character who crossover, in season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead. We returned back to the trash heaps location after the cold open, previously occupied by Jadis and the Scavengers, and there was Morgan, alone. But not for long. Because then a march of familiar faces made their way to try to persuade Morgan to return with them. Initially, it was Jesus, who reminded the man he sparred with physically and philosophically in the past. Then it was Carol, who begged the man she sparred with physically and philosophically in the past to “come back to the Kingdom, and even Rick makes an appearance.

Rick's Departure

Now any walking dead fan out there knows the devastating news that one of our favorite character Rick is voluntarily leaving the walking dead after season 9. Revealed at a “goodbye” rollout at, where Lincoln and the talented cast could finally admit it publicly. He rightfully claims that he has two young children, and lives in a different country. Lincoln says thoughtfully that it was precisely time to go home. So, typically due to this we don’t know yet if in future crossover Rick will take part in it, many details will carefully unfold on season 9 of The Walking Dead where we will likely observe how Rick voluntarily decides to exit the successful show. With a tragic death or presenting us hope for naturally making his exit one glorious victory, that it will typically depend If we will regard him in further crossovers.

Related Perhaps?

As for future cross over it might be confirmed, but now there are even more questions to answer. Who, for instance, will represent the character that ties the shows together? Are we going see an interesting backstory of the Walking Dead character showing up in Fear the Walking Dead? It’s true that this crossover could go both ways, but we can’t help but imagine that Madison will represent the link between the two shows. Back at the beginning of Fear, she casually mentioned that she moved to California from Alabama. Is it possible she’s associated with Rick Grimes? Or maybe she just crossed paths with him. The possibilities are endless, but now with a few changes such as Rick leaving could potentially change things for both shows.

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