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Fantasy Movies From the 80’s

The 80’s were the time of amazing ideas in movie form, here’s a list to attest to that!

By Rich BurtonPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

Some days I wish I could’ve been born in the 70’s so I could experience the 80’s. The music, the movies, the innovation! Here are some movies that shaped me (because my parents made me watch them and I’m grateful).

These movies are an array of fiction genres! We’ve got sci-fi, Fantasy, dystopian, children’s, etc.

So here are some 80’s fantasy classics!

Escape from New York (1988)

Here is a more dystopian movie! The world has turned Manhattan, New York to a Jail island, where all convicts live. Air Force One has crash landed into the Jailed City with the President inside. Snake an ex-soldier and now a federal prisoner is tasked with getting the president out of the hold with a time limit of 24 hours. With an explosive put into his brain if he strays or doesn’t complete the task he has to make every minute count!

The Last Starfight (1984)

This is the only movie I haven’t seen on this list and I am disappointed in myself because the trailer was awesome! Alex, living in a trailer park, has now learned he can’t go to college. With his only relief a video game called Starfighter, he realizes that it is more than just a game. Abducted by the aliens he saw in the game, he realizes that this isn’t just a game but a real life conflict in the universe. Now tasked with helping out those who abducted him, he needs to figure out how to save these, aliens?

Willow (1988)

I think this is my favorite on the list and not just because Val Kilmer is in it. This movie follows the story of a little baby who is prophesied to take over the kingdom. So the evil queen does what she can to find her and kill her. What she didn’t count on was the the young farmer, a Nelwyn named Willow Ufgood, taking her under his wing and trying to find where she belongs in the world. Willow takes this baby on an adventure with his tagalong crew of two mischievous brownies, the swordsman Madmartigan, and the sorceress Fin Raziel (in animal form) to find her people and to stop the evil queen’s reign.

Tron (1982)

This sci-fi, along with The Last Starfighter, is one of the first to use CGI. A feat back in the 80s! It must’ve been a sight to see that new technology hit the screen! With a second installment premiering in the 2000’s era, this show’s premise is about the virtual world of Tron and it’s origin story.

Time Bandits (1981)

Haven’t seen this gem in a long time! Sounds like need to watch it again. Learning that his bedroom is a portal, Kevin’s room is bombarded with a horsemen coming through his wardrobe and leaving through his wall to a forest. Preparing for the next night, Kevin gets his satchel and Polaroid ready for a possible adventure. He half-willing, goes on an adventure with 6 dwarves (sound familiar a little?) who stole a map and need a portal out of their captors way.

Princess Bride (1989)

“As you wish.” A classic line from a classic show. I still quote it to this day. “Anybody want a peanut?” A sweet farming girl and boy fall in love but circumstances have him leave the farm and his girl. Believed to be dead she moves on and is forced to marry a prince she doesn’t love. Taken by three mysterious men, a pirate dressed in black comes to her aid. Unknown who this man is she has to find her way back to the castle while having to put her trust into the unknown.

The Never Ending Story (1984)

Ten-year old Bastian is a shy outcast who is struggling with life at home and life at school. One day he finds himself in a bookstore with the owner reading an interesting novel. Advised not to read, he takes it anyway and reads it in the attic of his school, hiding from bullies. Taken on an adventure of a lifetime, Bastian learns about the childlike Empress and the hero Atreyu.

Nausicaa: Of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

One of Miyazaki’s greatest movies, it is in a post apocalyptic type world that is dying and Nausicaa is the princess of her village where she is trying to find a cure to bring life back to the planet. With many factors going against her and new conflicts arising, she has to solve the mysteries that lie within the land.

Dune (1984)

I heard the director of this voice doesn’t even want to see the new Dune movies because of the tech now available to make the books really come through the movie medium. But you know what, the movies made in the 80’s were ahead of their time! They were so wonderful and even though they are cheesy to us now, back then they were really something special.

Dune as you all know is about a boy named, Paul Atreides, who finds himself on the planet of Arrakis. With political agendas and secret prophesies within the inter-workings of the politics and societies with find Paul learning about the planet of Arrakis and the secret people dwelling within the sands, Fremen.

The newest Dune movie comes out in 2024! See you there!

The Terminator (1984)

The start of one of the most iconic shows from the most said lines and understood references in the most common of places this movie is known by everyone. You may not have seen it but you know its most famous lines. “I’ll be back.” Coming from 2029 to 1984, a terminator is sent to kill Sarah Connor and her unborn child. Kyle Reese, a human soldier, also sent back to 1984 meets Sarah Connor to save her. For the unborn child is going to be the one who destroys Skynet, the hive-mind technology that controls all robots, and save the world.


This show is such a classic and Jennifer Connelly is literally the most beautiful actress! When a sixteen year old feels neglected from her parents she wishes for her baby brother to disappear. Hearing her wish, the Goblin King takes her brother away with him. Realizing what she’s done, she wishes for him back. The Goblin King strikes a deal that if she can go through the labyrinth in 13 hours she can have him back. Now she must go through this crazy trial to get a brother back she may not even want still.


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