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"Don't you want to know our names?"

"Can't imagine how it would matter."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 11 min read
Image Credit- Screenshot from Willy Wonka on YouTube.

Thank you for reading my Johnny Depp's Iconic Willy Wonka write-up.

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My points will be in the same order as the movie (for the most part) and are based on Netflix's Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

  • I love the opening sequence. It's creative, descriptive and interesting with nice effects. It shows how the chocolate is poured till it's packed and sent off to different locations for all to enjoy. I also love that they start from when it's being poured in trays and not from scratch showing the actual process of making it. That would soil his chocolate and candy's reputation known to be indescribably good, so the secret recipe and method are not given out while giving the credits. It is beautiful, well-done and timeless.
  • I love Geoffrey Holder's voice as the Narrator.
  • Charlie (played by Freddie Highmore) is such an adorably hopeful child.
Image Credit-Screenshot from Willy Wonka on YouTube.
  • Their confirmation saying Grandpa Joe (played by David Kelly) did work for Willy Wonka (played by Johnny Depp) seemed tired while acknowledging this proud fact of his.
  • The iconic bob happened later on. When Willy first opened the factory he didn't have it. He still had the top hat, full-length jacket and bug-eyed glasses though.
  • The spy employee, Prodose (played by Chris Cresswell)and associate, Slugworth (played by Philip Philmar) couldn't look more sketchy with the paper having 'secret recipe' on it hahahahaha.
  • The "Willy Wonka began with a single store on Cherry street but the whole world wanted his candy" from Grandpa Joe's story lives in my head, maybe because it's the movie's preview clip on Netflix.
  • Princess Pondicherry(played by Shelley Conn) had beautiful makeup. Also, if Prince Pondicherry (played by Nitin Ganatra) told Willy that he wanted to live in the chocolate palace, Willy could have figured out a way to make chocolate that doesn't melt. After all, he's an inventor and made Ice cream that would never melt.
  • I love how shady Grandpa George (played by David Morris) is. He seems like a judgemental hater but realistic. He shaded their situation and eating the cabbage soup Charlie's mum (played by Helena Bonham Carter) makes, the possibility of anyone from the family getting into the factory (ahead of the golden tickets), Charlie's chances of getting it etc. His "like hell" comment when Charlie contemplated opening the chocolate bar is one of my favourite moments and he did encourage, rather, nudge Charlie to go to the factory.
  • Charlie didn't say the name therefore introduce us to Grandpa Joe's wife. He said everyone's name; Grandpa George, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Georgina (played by Liz Smith) but just told the last grandparent 'good night'. The subtitles tell me she's Grandma Josephine (played by Eileen Essell) though.
  • Grandma Georgina is a ray of sunshine. Her saying nothing's impossible shows her presence in the discussion about any of them getting into the factory. Her presence is also shown when she says that things will get better after Willy Wonka left their house and saying 'despicable' when talking about Violet (played by AnnaSophia Robb). However, she is ridiculed by Grandpa George who said "you don't know what we're talking about" and the narrator who said she knew what she was talking about for once.
  • I love how ordinary everything is; Charlie, the bars of chocolate etc. I saw Tim Burton preferred it to be this way to show Charlie's not special in any form like us which the narrator tells us at the beginning of the movie.
  • I love how you hear the typing that normally indicates the name of the location in the movie but we don't actually see the typing. It strikes me as "you KNOW where this is" hahahahaha.
  • I love how oddly shaped their home is and how isolated it is. Could it represent the difference in their structure? They're normal but nicer and more supportive than most people depicted in the movie. So an ordinary family but their house is not normal AT ALL. To be fair, they probably did have neighbours but I wonder what happened.
Image Credit-Screenshot from Willy Wonka on YouTube.
  • Augustus' (played by Philip Wiegratz) face is so smooth, most of them as well.
  • Veruca's (played by Julia Winter) eyes are so blue and it matches her mother's ring.
  • Mrs.Salt (played by Francesca Hunt) was so out of it with her daughter.
  • I kind of wish Mr. Salt's (played by James Fox) employee got away with the ticket. I wonder what happened to her, probably fired I guess. 
  • The Buckets are so nice, supportive and hopeful which justifies Charlie wanting to stay, otherwise, he could have left with Willy Wonka. I love how they all waited for him to start eating his piece of chocolate before eating theirs. Grandma Josephine savoured the smell and "inhaled deeply" haha.
Image Credit-Screenshot from Willy Wonka on YouTube.
  • They had nice bobs in the movie. Willy's, Violet's and Mrs. Beauregarde's (played by Missi Pyle).
  • "She's just a driven young woman. I don't know where she gets it" and her face is hilarious.
  • Mrs. Beauregarde's face when she said "tell them why, Violet" was creepy though.
  • I like that you can actually hear muffled audio not just silence when Charlie's dad (played by Noah Taylor)covers his ears from Grandpa George's cursing.
  • I'm not shaming but it's interesting that Charlie actually took the money. I mean hey! it's HIS luck.
  • I love that the shopkeeper and owner (played by Oscar James) put his change in his pocket or something. I thought he didn't give him or that Charlie didn't take it. It's also nice that he stops the adults pressurizing Charlie to sell the golden ticket to them.
  • How do the grandparents keep their legs? It's revealed slightly when Grandpa Joe is met with good news. They lengthen their legs beside everyone's bodies but can't spread them out it seems.
  • I love how shocked everyone is that Grandpa Joe jumped out of bed and was dancing.

Video Credit-Willy Wonka on YouTube.

  • Interestingly, no one asked how Charlie got it considering he seemingly had his last shot at this with Grandpa Joe.
  • Charlie had a smart and considerate decision to sell the ticket because they needed the money especially with his dad recently losing his job. If he didn't end up winning, he would have just gone home with the experience and chocolate. The experience might be great and he could probably sell the chocolate at a higher price because he witnessed the glory of the factory. Hmm, he probably won't have lost either way. 
  • Grandpa George's words were endearing-ish. Money's indeed in circulation while this opportunity could be one in a lifetime but they aren't getting money like that though. It is an expensive risk not knowing what the prize would be. 
  • Why wasn't Charlie's win publicized? Cause he ran home? The reporters visited other people's homes but was it too late in the day? The children were also supposed to visit the factory the next day, maybe it was a tight schedule and they did a brief report in the morning? I don't know, this was a BIG deal though. Willy Wonka had addressed all the children by name and referred to Charlie as 'you' telling him he's just lucky to be there. 
  • "…there is no way to contain it, to contain it, to contain, to contain, to containnnn" stays in my mind from the introductory Willy Wonka jingle.
  • The puppet singing sequence is chaotic and scarring as it burns but the song is nice.
  • It's interesting that everyone is really confused as to who Willy Wonka is (not impossible but interesting). His greeting is so awkward that it's a masterpiece.
  • Love how extravagant and carefree he is. 
  • His face whenever he wants to say 'parent' or having a flashback, could be concerning especially seeing it in person.
  • I love how hateful the other four children are or competitive. They are not very lovable. Violet and Veruca don't like each other but say they want to be friends. Augustus taunted Charlie asking if he wanted chocolate then said he should have bought some. Mike just radiates anger as he stomped on the pumpkin claiming Willy said they should enjoy the field. Violet snatched the apple Charlie reached for and called him a loser when he asked the reason she was saving the same piece of bubble gum.
  • I love Willy's change of tone as he checked the people that questioned him.
  • Why did he lick the blade after killing the insect? That was very strange and should not be the first instinct, it's blood!
  • Grandpa Joe's change of expression is sadly funny as he tries assuring Charlie that Augustus might be okay but doubts it himself.
  • I love how Mrs. Beauregarde flirts with Willy a bit saying "you don't say" with a look after Willy talked about a property in chocolate that triggers the release of endorphins giving the feeling of being in love. There's silence and awkwardness which emphasized this odd moment.
Image Credit-Screenshot from Willy Wonka on YouTube.
  • Lmao, Willy clowned Charlie saying "it'll do you good. You look starved to death" as he gave him a scoop from the Chocolate river. 
  • I like that Willy repeats his chocolate is mixed by waterfall and the other details of the process because "no other factory in the world mixes their chocolate like this". He is very proud of his accomplishments and shouldn't be shamed for them. His factory is the largest in history, 50 times bigger than others. That's pretty cool and he deserves to be proud.
  • He said he remembered putting a hat on top of his head when defending his height as a child. I guess that's the essence of the hat, to add height.
  • I wish we saw the moment he decided this was his style and also see him put the hat on his head.
  • Everyone and Willy's hat are secure despite no available seatbelts on the boat. Although, some hairstyles do look flustered.
  • Does he produce hair cream too? Why would it be in a confection factory? He probably produces it for himself because he doesn't go out and he gets his haircuts at a section of the factory.
  • Willy's usage of AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) and slang as he listed the people that might want a beard from his hair toffee is quite uncomfortable. I wonder if this is supposed to show he's 'in touch' despite the isolation.
  • I love how he brought out cards to answer why anyone would want the 3-course dinner gum and he was so excited about the gum too.
  • I'm surprised he makes gum because "chewing gum is really gross, chewing gum I hate the most". Maybe for options and it is a 3-course dinner which should be beneficial, provided it has some nutritional value or is filling in some way. Mike addresses this asking, "if you hate gum so much, why do you make it?" but Willy silenced him says he shouldn't mumble.
  • Veruca is shady as well. Her face, when Violet started turning blue, strikes me as "serves you right". She also suggested Violet's new purpose could be in a county fair.
Image Credit-Screenshot from Willy Wonka on YouTube.
  • When Mrs.Beauregarde asked how Violet would compete as a blueberry, it was sadly hilarious because forget her well-being.
  • I wonder why Violet didn't spit the gum out as Willy said. What would have happened if she stopped chewing? As the chewing gum world record breaker, I guess it didn't occur to her. 
  • I can't believe they all just backed away from her as the transformation continued. To be fair, what would they do? No one really knows what's happening.
  • Hahahahaha the Oompa Loompas were in the background waiting to perform. 
  • Willy signalled their first move before they started but the visitors were not watching. It strikes me as "okay, just like we practiced" hahaha.
  • Nobody changed lmaooooo. The children were the same except probably a little traumatized but character-wise, nothing crazy happened from this journey of intended character growth under the guise of a factory tour.
  • The movie is ominous but hilarious if you seek it. There are so many facial expressions that were priceless. Truly great expressions. 
  • Overall lesson: children should be good, don't hate children and don't hate your children.
Image Credit-Screenshot from Willy Wonka on YouTube.
  • I thought about this…Charlie was also the guide in the movie to show us the emotional sides of Willy and give us exposition as well. His two questions gave us very valuable expositions for character depth. Charlie did not talk as much throughout the tour and sort of fell back as the focus shifted to the others. Willy was nicer to Charlie and his family. Charlie could be his humane guide helping him connect back with people which is why Charlie's presence as he returns to his dad before joining the Buckets family is quite symbolic.
Image Credit-Screenshot from Willy Wonka on YouTube.
  • He helped Charlie and Charlie's family and they helped him, emotionally. It's interesting that he would seek solace in Charlie and trust him when he was having issues. To go out on a tangent, in a totally different type of movie Charlie could be his guardian angel. The picture below would be the perfect frame for the typical movie reveal that shows the person's true purpose or power to the audience. Maybe a twinkle from the fingers to show magic or something… okay, I'm done.
Image Credit-Screenshot from Willy Wonka on YouTube.

I hope you enjoyed this, have a good day!

Image Credit-Screenshot from Willy Wonka on YouTube.

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