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Questions for the Kin movie (2018)

Ah… sudden Michael B. Jordan (CinemaSins inspired statement)

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 7 min read
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James Franco, Zoë Kravitz, Dennis Quaid, Carrie Coon, Jack Reynor, and Michael B. Jordan are some of the actors in this movie. I recently watched Kin (available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video) but I often found myself perplexed when watching. The movie emphasizes the concept of family, bonds and the potential greatness of individuals. 

A spoiler warning is in effect. You can continue reading after watching the movie (if you want to) to figure out if you share the same curiosities as I or if you could answer any of them.

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Myles Truitt played Elijah Solinski, the younger brother to Jimmy (played by Jack Reynor) and adopted son of Hal (played by Dennis Quaid). Jimmy returned home, tried to pay his source of protection in prison but is unsuccessful in doing so the right way. His desperation to settle this loose end led him to steal from his father's office safe which Hal realized. Hal was shot during the confrontation between Jimmy and his crew. However, Taylor Balik (played by James Franco) who shot Hal, also shot his brother as he struggled with Jimmy for the gun. Jimmy took the money and ran away. He carried on with Elijah, on the run from Taylor. This is the basis of the movie coupled with the seemingly extraterrestrial gun and abilities while on their adventure. 

In the midst of all this, I had various questions:

  • Why didn't Hal pick him up from jail?
  • It felt quite weird that Jimmy wasn't picked up by his father after he was released because he seemed available to do so. 

    • Why didn't Hal fight or react?

    Hal had carried a crowbar when approaching his office due to uncertainty of the situation. Earlier, he had shown some aggression to his son which could stem from disdain but depicts that he could have done something before getting shot. He could have created a diversion to buy some time or something. It was obvious the shot was coming especially when Taylor said he liked that part(although he could have been referring to the song as well). I guess the possibility of death and fearless thugs weakened thoughts but I felt his death was too early or unwarranted.

    • Why did Taylor keep shooting?

    After Hal was shot, Jimmy struggled with Taylor for the gun. As they were struggling, Taylor's finger was apparently still on the trigger which caused flying directionless bullets to hit others including Taylor's brother, Dutch. I guess this is a frequent movie thing but the death of Dutch also seemed unwarranted.

    • Why did Elijah believe the lie about his dad the first time?

    Eli was left in the car as Hal approached his office. It was obvious there was potential harm because he locked Eli's door, told him to stay in the car then proceeded with a crowbar in hand. Seeing his brother all of a sudden was strange and the lie Jimmy told was even stranger because it didn't add up at all. 

    • Why did Elijah have easy access to that building? 

    There seemed to be some form of security when the cleaners were there, so how does Eli go there frequently without any interactions or warning.

    • What was that building truly for?

    What kept happening in that building? Is there an easier gateway from their world there? Who were the dead cleaners? Did a fight from their war happen in the building? What exactly is the 'space gun'? 

    • So he's special huh? How does he just know how to use the space gun?

    We got various indications that Elijah was not normal from his dreams that could be visions, the space gun only working for him, the mark on his hand that he remembers from his real parents as a baby and his feeling of being an outcast. His parents dropped him at a foster home to protect him because their planet was at war, you get these points but not as well as you might expect. He saw the gun location in a dream or vision and followed it. His possession of it is the reason they were pursued by the cleaners. However, it is not explained as to how he knows how to use it. After toying with it and observing, he seems like he just does (even before testing it at the field).

    Video Credit:-Movieclips on YouTube

    • Does the space gun shoot people or disintegrate them? 

    It seems like things and people just push back, blow up and vanish? At least most of the time. What does it actually do?

    • He never told his brother that he was leaving messages for his dad which were unanswered but his brother kept speaking to his dad?

    Eli didn't see it to be strange that his dad never returned any of his calls. Regardless of the last state they were in, it was still weird that he didn't say he had been leaving messages and didn't get a call while Jimmy whom his father is not a fan of got to text and speak with him. Especially with the voicemails aiding Taylor's crew in tracking them.

    • How did they know where the club owner (Lee played by Romano Orzari) was and that he would have the money with him? 

    I know Milly (played by Zoë Kravitz) must have known his pattern to know where he goes and all but there couldn't have been any certainty that they would be able to get the full amount in the same bag at his gathering.

    • Why would Eli think his dad would be okay with any part of his adventure? 

    He doesn't but he doesn't seem to be alarmed enough at the fact that he was out with his brother that the father nearly hates. Doing worse things than the scraps he was stealing to sell. He showed concern sometimes but it seemed to be calmed by his brother's attempts to diminish them.

    • Why did Eli think his brother killed his dad? 

    It's no secret Jimmy and Hal had a rocky relationship but I feel Eli believing this may be far-fetched. Although, with the lies and frequent dodging of conversations including their dad, I guess it's possible.

    • Why didn't Jimmy say he wasn't the one who killed their dad?

    He kept apologizing but never denied it even after Taylor had died. He may have felt it was his fault because if he didn't steal, he wouldn't have gone to prison to need protection which required the hefty pay (that no ordinary job could provide as a salary quickly) that resorted to stealing from his dad's office safe when Hal became involved. He might have a guilty conscience and resent himself but he didn't commit the crime. 

    • The police officer (played by Trent Pardy) just gave Eli the evidence locker keys? 

    Well, I guess cause he was dying and assistance would be great in this situation. Although, Eli said that the officer had seen what he has. I don't think they ever witnessed what the space gun can do because the officers arrested them on the game floor.

    • Where was Taylor when the gunfight was happening? 

    I know he went to see what was happening in front but for how long? Plus he looked different when he appeared to Jimmy and Eli after leaving his crew to watch Jimmy.

  • Why was the F.B.I Agent (Morgan Hunter played by Carrie Coon) satisfied with not knowing what the space gun was?
  • It was odd. Was it because she couldn't be bothered or just didn't want to understand?

    • How long were Eli's people at war? 

    Eli stated he was 14 years old and he was adopted when he was a few months old. So the war has been on for about 14 years but at the end of the movie, we learn that they are still at war. I also wonder if they have been watching over him?

    • Why did Hal try to eliminate and disown Jimmy that much?

    I know he was ashamed and disgusted by Jimmy's way of life and patterns but it was alarming. He had told Eli not to trust Jimmy, he sent Jimmy out of the house after he asked for help attaining the money and he didn't want to put in a good word for Jimmy's job applications because he felt he couldn't clear a criminal. It could be said that he arguably hated him.

    • How did their mother die? 

    We don't actually need to know as it seems, we just know she was no longer with them but she was portrayed as a loving force in the family. Although, someone at Eli's school spoke about her which caused his fight, hence his suspension. 

    • Were the chases worth it? 

    There was no pressure from the cleaners (although the possibility of someone looking for the space gun was acknowledged) or Taylor's crew.

    • Why did Eli think they and everything would be okay? 

    Optimism? Seen into the future? I don't get it but it was positive and hopeful despite the fact that his dad died and his brother was still going to jail for a while. 


    The trailer included the fact that it was produced by the producers of Stranger Things and Arrival. 

    The movie was rated a 5.8/10 on IMDB and 34% on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer while getting a 53% audience score. Despite the ratings, the movie still had some award nominations according to IMDB.

    I was actually satisfied with the movie, I just felt some things were unanswered or didn't seem well fit and it could have been better. I know some things were foreshadowed and depicted to build suspense as well as lead to a possible sequel but it didn't seem like it was successful for what it wanted to achieve.

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