Disney's Most Failed Villains

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Villains can be failures, too.

Disney's Most Failed Villains

I wrote an article with Disney's most successful villains of all time—now let's look at the failures. Here is the list:

  1. Gaston: He basically did nothing in the movie other than be a straight up jerk. He became so obsessed with Belle that he wanted to ruin her life. He locked up her father and her but they both escaped. He wanted to kill the beast, but in turn he then killed himself by accident. Well, that is not a very good success story, Gaston. You literally lost everything.
  2. Hades: Even though he was a powerful god, he failed to kill Hercules on many attempts and then he got sucked by his own soul in the end. He had released all of these things to destroy Zeus and failed, but that was thanks to Hercules for being awesome.
  3. Edgar from TheAristocats was probably the most useless villains of all. He got rid of the cats after hearing that Madame Adelaide was going to give her fortune to her cats. He shipped them off and thought that was it. Then, the cats sent him to Timbuktu he really messed up on this one. He did not even drown them, which thankfully worked out for the main characters.
  4. The Stepmother from Cinderella: She was just bossy and mean, in the end she did not die, she just did not get a happy ending like Cinderella. There was no effect that she stayed alive after Cinderella got married to Prince Charming, she had no powers, she was just plain mean.
  5. Prince John from Robin Hood: He was the biggest baby of them all since he sucked his thumb and asked for mommy. He also had no real lion's mane. He could not grow one because of how unfit he was for a king. His obsession with Robin Hood is what lead this villain to his doom.
  6. Syndrome: He really tried. He was rich, he was powerful, he was smart, he was really at the top of his game, but one whack on the head from his own machine and he gets knocked out cold? He then tries to retaliate by trying to kidnap Jack-Jack and then died because his cape got stuck in the turbine. I mean come on, he could have been the next best villain, he had everything going for him to be a villain in the next movie, too bad, so sad.
  7. Cruella De Vil: Yes, we dog lovers hate her. She only wanted fur coats though, and she did manage to scrounge up two minions to do the dirty work for her, but she basically did nothing but yell in the movie and have a car chase with a truck driver, but essentially she did not succeed even though she was crazy enough to be successful as a villain.
  8. Captain Hook from Peter Pan: He wanted vengeance for Peter for cutting off his hand, but I feel that he did not even come close to that. He ended up getting chased by the crocodile into the sunset. Captain Hook was a full grown adult and he could not beat a simple child.
  9. Yzma from Emperor's New Groove: I love this woman and her weirdness and of course the unforgettable voice. She just wants the throne and to rule the world. Kronk and she go through the jungle, were in the same restaurant as Kuzko and still failed to kill him—she was the comedy of the movie. As much as I love the character, she most certainly failed as a villain.
  10. Madam Mim: gets the last spot on this list. For a good reason, she had very little part to play in the movie. She goes head to head with Merlin and ends up sick in bed, which took a total of ten minutes in the movie. Quite honestly, if anyone was the villain it was the knights who treated Arthur like garbage, but then he became king, so it was not that bad.
Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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