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'Deadpool And Wolverine': Whose My Logan?

The upcoming 'Deadpool' flick will introduced Wolverine to the MCU. The question is, which variant is inside the blue and yellow suit?

By Allie Z.Published 2 months ago 4 min read
Image Copyright: 20th Century Fox/Marvel Studios

Without much to go on, Wolverine's identity in the upcoming Deadpool flick remains a mystery. While audiences know this is a version of James Howlett, the X-Men's clawed mutant hero, pretty much anyone can be in the suit. Variants, including Patch, are rumored to be in the movie, so the ball is in anyone's court. Mind you, Director Shawn Levy has dropped hints about the X-Man's true identity.

While elaborating on Deadpool and Wolverine's canonical timeline, Levy pointed out that Logan (2017) happened. Its events sound crucial to the plot, raising questions about how the dead Wolvie plays into the story. Perhaps, though, Levy wants the 2017 movie recognized so audiences understand what happened when Wade Wilson resurrects his fallen mutant brother. Moviegoers are slightly confused about Wolverine's sudden appearance in the MCU, making a resurrection that establishes a tie-in with Logan an integral segment to include.

Another reason the variant from Logan works best is all the moving parts are in place to bring him back. Deadpool exerting maximum effort, the need for another virtually immortal warrior in the dangerous wastelands of The Void, and Elixir himself. The last component may sound confusing, but there's good cause to include him.

In the comics, Elixir, AKA Josh Foley, has the power to raise the dead. Foley uses his mutant abilities to reactivate dead biological material, breathing life back into them. He can also flip his power on its head, killing people with a single touch, although the ability worth highlighting is his resurrection tool.

As for Elixir in live-action format, he hasn't been announced yet. However, with various mutants showing up in Deadpool And Wolverine—and paired with the knowledge that Logan is canon—it's almost a guarantee. Logan is especially pertinent here since Foley holds ties to the mutant-hunting faction known as the Reavers—the same group that hunts Wolverine and X-23 down in the 2017 feature film. He doesn't appear in live-action format, although one of Donald Pierce's soldiers could unknowingly be Josh Foley. Laura Kinney and Wolverine slashed through Pierce's men really quick the first time around, making it possible that they killed him in the commotion. His death can, however, be remedied if Wade Wilson pops in to scoop him up.

One might question how Foley could work with the Reavers when their mission is hunting mutants, except that's part of his origin story in the comics. Foley thinks himself a patriot and a hero until his mutant abilities manifest themselves. It's then Foley has to leave the hatemongering faction for greener pastures. That path eventually leads him to the X-Men, where he redeems himself in some regards.

How Elixir Can Bring Logan Back From The Dead

With histories in mind, Wade Wilson could present such an opportunity to Elixir. Maybe Wade's intervention serves as a nexus point in Foley's story, acting as an integral part of his development. Assuming he originally died as one of Donald Pierce's goons, Foley technically never becomes Elixir. But if Deadpool saves him from that fate, his destiny could be drastically different, potentially becoming true to his comic counterpart's namesake. There's also the fact Wilson is shaking up the status quo, so he might inadvertently create a mutant or two while manipulating the timeline.

Even without Foley, Wolverine's resurrection seems like a guarantee. With the knowledge that Logan's events are canon, it's only logical that he be brought back somehow. The solution may be as convenient as a mutant reviving Wolvie, or perhaps all it requires is a drop of mutant-coded blood to jumpstart his healing factor. Deadpool and Wolverine share a similar ability, which makes the idea of Wade jumpstarting Logan's power with his own not that farfetched of a theory. Of course, another solution may lie with the TVA. They confiscate artifacts and materials from detainees all the time, meaning Paradox could've acquired a vial of the serum used to revive X-24 when he was nearing death.

Whatever the case is, Wolverine doesn't appear too happy to be back during his brief trailer shot. The glimpse of him growling and positioned to impale Wade Wilson gives the impression that he's not thrilled about their partnership. One can only guess why Wolverine is so hostile towards his comrade, although the likeliest reason is Logan was happy being dead. He struggled for the longest to achieve a noble death, and he got it. Circumventing that fate could trigger quite a bit of anger. Or, like the situation seems to suggest, Wolverine is furious that Deadpool destroyed the Fox universe where the X-Men reside.

A complicated partnership built atop a crumbling universe does sound like the type of setup for these two unlikely warriors to work together. They'd never partner up unless forced to, so saving their home is the only reason they'd put their differences aside. Wolverine would probably be the most reluctant, but if Wade convinces him that he can set things right, he'd likely go along with the plan. Set videos that show Wolverine allowing Wade to take the lead lend credence to the claims that he's along for the ride to make sure Deadpool does what he said he would.

However it plays out, a lot is at stake in Deadpool and Wolverine. Between the Fox universe, the MCU, and Wolverine himself, things may be very different by the time the movie ends. Each is at a crucial juncture that could make or break them. All we can do is hope our two favorite antiheroes survive the journey because Secret Wars will be less than spectacular if these characters aren't in it.

Deadpool And Wolverine premieres in theaters on July 26, 2024.


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