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DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 2 Recap (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 2

By Joseph MicalizioPublished 3 years ago 15 min read
Gotta say, still missing that Wow factor.

What is going on guys. My apologies for the delay in posts, but here we are, Part 2 of Crisis on Infinite Earths has come and has revealed some shocking new details about the turn of how this Crisis will turn out. If you haven't seen Part 1 of Crisis on Infinite Earths, go watch it now or you can also find the recap of Part 1 on my page as well. So without further ado, lets get into it. Also, for those reading who haven't been keeping up with the events of Crisis, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

The episode starts off with everyone still suffering from the loss of their leader, friend, and a great hero - Oliver Queen. Sara Lance as always honors the fallen with her favorite drink of choice, scotch, and also asks Kate Kane and Kara Danvers to join her. Sara raises her glass and says her last words to honor him, "Oliver died the way he lived. A hero." Everyone was dealing with the loss in their own way, some suffering other losses more than others. Barry was supposed to join the three at the bar, but didn't because like Kara said it felt like doing this was like they were giving up on him and everything that he sacrificed himself for. Kate was more focused on trying to save the Multiverse rather than getting caught up in the tender moment. Kara was also reeling over Oliver's death, but more than that the loss of Argo, Earth-38 and of course her mother.

Lyla aka Harbinger drops in on the three for what was to come next. She hadn't told Diggle about what happened to Oliver, yet. Waiting for the right time. Meanwhile, Ray Palmer and The Monitor have a small debate about using the Waverider. The Monitor says that the technology aboard the ship is vital to their mission, but Ray says that he cannot just drop in unannounced on them for unknown reasons. Till Sara points out that she promised her crew that they would never have to do another cross-over event again.To which Harbinger explains that there is more than one Waverider to use within the Multiverse. She travels to Earth-74 where almost all of the Legends of Tomorrow from that Earth have all but retired. Aboard the ship she hears the AI voice not of Gideon, but of Leonard Snart oddly enough with a Mick Rory who has retired from being a Legend in order to work on writing his intergalactic romance novel. She convinces the Rory of Earth-74 to allow them to use their ship to help with the impending Crisis.

Aboard the Waverider our heroes have all regrouped with The Monitor who apologizes for the loss of Oliver, but tells them that there is still hope left in the Multiverse so that they can continue on fighting against the Anti-Matter wave and The Anti-Monitor, in fact there are seven. He explains that across space and time there exist seven heroes, beings of the purest will who can ultimately defeat the Anti-Monitor and save the Multiverse. These heroes are called Paragons. Barry questions The Monitor as to why he has decided to dawn this new information on them now, who replies that he only recently learned about their existence through the Book of Destiny. Barry was confused by this remembering that he, Oliver, Clark, and Lois had destroyed the book last year in Elseworlds. The Monitor reveals that he retrieved the book from the time stream in tact after the early demise of Oliver Queen knowing that it would aid them in the Crisis. Upon revealing the book Lyla hears some strange voices coming from it and Kara asks The Monitor if the book can be used to rewrite the destiny of her world so that she ca bring back Earth-38, Argo, and all the billions of lives that that did not make it to Earth-1. Mia also asks if the book can be used to bring back Oliver, but tells them both that using the book for those purposes to try and re-create the world will surely drive them to madness. Oliver's death came at an earlier time than anticipated even though he was meant to die in this Crisis, it was not the way that The Monitor had seen it.

Now onto The Paragons. Four of the Paragons were revealed through the help of Felicity Smoak with the Tome of the Guardians. Despite all that she has been through so far, Kara Zor-El is the Paragon of Hope while Sara was revealed to be the Paragon of Destiny (shocker, not really, according to Ray). The Monitor only had descriptions of the other two Paragons. One is another Kryptonian who has suffered a greater loss than most mortal men could endure, now standing as the Paragon of Truth. Finally, the Paragon of Courage is only known to The Monitor as 'The Bat of the Future'. Both pseudo-names familiar to most, but where they are is another story. Lois Lane and Superman-38 decide to try and track down the other Superman who stands as the Paragon of Truth. 'The Bat of the Future' is another story, he exists in the future where Bruce Wayne has dedicated himself to becoming the Dark Knight as Ray calls him, to fighting crime. To which Kate asks, "Who wants to meet Batman?"

Checking the Multiverse Map Kara watches as Argo and Earth-38 are no longer visible on the map and hears a dark, but familiar voice from behind her. The Monitor reveals that he had recruited Lex Luthor to help their cause. Upon seeing him alive Kara was about to burn him to a crisp with her heat vision, but not before the Monitor stopped her and told her that everyone has a role to play, even Lex Luthor. Kara then begins to question the judgement of the Monitor seeing as how she can't trust anyone who believes that they can trust Lex Luthor. Seeing her friend in distress Kate offers to reach out to her and asks her to come along as they travel to Earth-99 to recruit Bruce Wayne, The Paragon of Courage. Barry and Iris share a husband and wife moment before going off on their missions. The Monitor has tasked Iris with joining Clark and Lois with tracking down the Paragon of Truth while Barry who is still in denial of Oliver's death works together with Mia who want to try and bring Oliver back using a Lazarus Pit. However as we've seen all of the pits have been destroyed by Thea and Nissa Al Ghul, but Barry comes up with the idea that just because all the pits on Earth-1 are gone, that doesn't mean that they can't use a pit on a different Earth. Sara warns Mia that this is not the best idea to bring Oliver back because just resurrecting him isn't enough, they're also gonna need to rescue his soul as well, like they did with Sara.

In the Waverider Library Harbinger hears voices on her way there not making any sense at first, but then become clearer when they say "Stop him, stop him now". Lex Luthor had found the Book of Destiny in the library and now was going to use it to kill Supermen across the Multiverse until he killed the one that is said to be the Paragon of Truth. Lyla tries to stop him but The Monitor explains that this is all part of his plan, even though no one knows what that is. On Earth-99 Kara and Kate arrive at Wayne Manor and are greeted by a more jocked version of Luke Fox who impresses Kate and Kara seems to think is cute. He slams the door in their face after Kate says her name to him to which then Kara kicks down and are then told to leave. Suddenly a deep voice from up the stair well tells Luke to not be so rude and that its rare that they ever have guests anymore. Coming down from the staircase we see a much older Bruce Wayne in a exo-skeleton portrayed by none other than the original voice actor of Batman the Animated Series, KEVIN CONROY!

While Luke shows Kara around Bruce and Kate have a little chat. According to Bruce the Kate from Earth-99 died about 5 years ago. He thought at first it might be Clayface or Jane Doe, but one of them is a puddle of mud and the other is in lockup in Arkham. Kate tells him that he might want to prepare for what she was going to tell him. On Earth-75 in Metropolis Clark and Lois continue their search for the Superman who is the Paragon of Truth, but receive word from Iris that Lex Luthor stole the Book of Destiny and is using it to kill Supermen, to which they both see that he has already killed the Superman on the Earth that their on. Back on the Waverider Barry, Mia, and Sara enlist the help of John Constantine to help them locate a Lazarus Pit on another Earth. Continuing the search for their hopeless Kryptonian Clark, Lois, and Iris travel to Earth-167 to the home of Smallvile where they find another familiar face from television, Tom Welling the Clark Kent/Superman from the TV show Smallville, or as Lois called him the buff guy from the paper towel roll. Clark-38 makes an interesting observation while Clark-167 is chopping wood saying that he could to that with one bare hand. The three try to convince this Clark that Lex may be trying to kill him, but are then teleported away by Lex. Lex then tells this Clark that he is not the one that he knows and vice versa, but should the heroes find a way to save the Multiverse he wants to make sure that not a single Superman can get in his way. Lex pulls out a Kryptonite fragment to which Clark simply picks up and tosses it away. A confused Lex looks at him wondering why that didn't work to which Clark said it has no affect on him ever since he gave up his powers. An angry Lex tells him that he gave up literal God-hood and then steps on the reason why he gave them up to which Clark replies that that is worth more than any superpower he could have. An enraged Lex tries to punch Clark while he is distracted by Lois, which is then blocked and then is punched back in the face and then leaves realizing that there was no point in killing this Superman, he had taken all the fun out of it. Lois-167 then comes out to see what all the commotion is about to which Clark explains, but she believes is a joke and then tells him that their two girls made a little bit of a mess inside the house which looked like a job for, them.

Back at Wayne Manor Kate explains to Bruce who she is and what she has done to try and fill her cousins shoes and tells him that they need his help against the Crisis. Bruce tells her that it's too late and shows her a news article how his reign of terror was over and hes lost track of his body count thus far. He had a code, but then he lost sight of it after taking one life and then several others after that. Kara and Luke explore Bruce's study which has now become more of a trophy room and has several mementos from Batman's greatest villains including a playing card from Joker, Riddler's cane, a snow Globe from Mr.Freeze, and Clark Kent/Superman-99's glasses. Kara is in shock of this as Luke tells her who those belonged to and how Superman was the one who ended up putting Clark into that exo-skeleton in the first place.

Coming back to Superman, Iris and Clark, and Lois have now traveled to Earth-96 to find this Earths Superman. When they do manage to find him at the daily planet, they cant help but notice that this Superman looks exactly like Ray Palmer. They ask to have a word and then later shares a story about a man from Gotham who was enraged and set off a gas bomb inside the Daily Planet killing many innocent people including Lois Lane, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen. Having suffered a deeper tragedy than most could bare, the three reporters had found their Paragon of Truth, but not before Lex Luthor got done with him. Instead of him killing Superman himself, he figured, why not have them do it to each other. So now it was the CW Superman vs Kingdom Come Superman. As much as Lex loved watching his dream come true that Superman would die, it was short lived when Lois smacked a lamp in the back of his head. Iris and Lois tried to use the Book of Destiny to release Earth-96 Superman from Lex Luthors control by having him focus on all the things that he loves and remembering who he is.

On Earth-18 in North Dakota Barry, Mia, Sara, and Constantine locate the only working Lazarus pit on that Earth in the hopes of bringing back Oliver. While Barry and Constantine go get Oliver, Sara and Mia clean up the pit getting it ready for Oliver, but then are met with the sheriff of the town who tells them that the mine is off limits. That sheriff is none other than Jonah Hex, from Earth 18. Mia and Sara fight off Hex and Sara gives him the scar that he was gonna have already in Earth-1. The four lower Oliver into the Lazarus Pit and wait for a few moments and think something is wrong because it was taking longer than expected for Oliver to surface, but then he finally did, only he wasn't himself. Just like with Sara and Thea, once you come out of the pit, its not the same person who went in. Sara ends up tranquilizing the reborn Oliver and then proceeds to rescue his soul with the help of John Constantine. He sets up the ritual the same way to perform a restitutionism, but with all of the Anti-matter going around, he's unable to use his magic to perform the ritual, so they have to figure out an alternative method.

At Wayne Manor Bruce shows Kate the Bat Cave as she tries to convince Bruce to join them, but he can barely even walk anymore these days and thinks that there is no hope left for this world. Kate stares at him and ask how he can even think like this. Kara confronts Bruce and tells her that he killed Superman. Bruce couldn't trust anyone anymore and thought that Superman was too powerful by himself and needed to be put in check so he handled the problem. He goes on to fight Kara using kryptonite in his suit saying that his Kate was like how he is now and never trusted anyone, let alone a Kryptonian. This world of his was beyond saving and that it should just end. If he really wanted that though he would have to go through Kate, who fought Bruce and kicked him into an electrical box and killed him. His last words to Kate were, "There is no hope".

With the missions somewhat complete, our heroes regroup back on the Waverider where Kara is seeing double and getting used to the idea of doppelgangers looking at Ray and her Cousin (kind of). Ray has also completed his Paragon detector to search for the other Paragons and located one of them that was literally on the ship. The Monitor told Kate that Earth-99 would lead Kate to the path to find the Bat of the Future, but now he sees that it is her all along. Kate Kane has now become the Paragon of Courage. Later, Kate and Kara share a beer together as Kate is still trying to process everything that is going on even though almost all of it doesn't make any sense to her at all. Kara has faith in Kate that when the moment comes that she will be the hero that they all need and has hope that when this is all over despite the Monitors warnings she can use the Book of Destiny to re-create Earth 38 and Argo and save everyone who was vaporized. As Kara walks away it appears as if though some of Bruce's words got through to Kate questioning whether Kara can be the friend and hero that she believes her to be and reveals that she took the piece of kryptonite that Bruce had in his suit and may plan on using it if she has to against her friend.

Coming to the end of the episode we see a distressed Harbinger in her quarters still struggling with the voices whispering in her head and then teleports to a infinite corridor where she meets the antagonist of the Crisis. The Anit-Monitor is revealed to us finally in this episode and what he has planned we have yet to see coming but, what we do know is that he has taken Harbinger captive and plans to use her for something for his goals to further the coming Crisis.

Part 3 of my Recap for Crisis on Infinite Earths will come as it can, but for now stay tuned and let me know some of your thoughts on this episode and how you think this whole Crisis is gonna go down in the end.


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