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David S Lee portrayed Gil Carter on Days of Our Lives

This character came and went so fast that some viewers did not have time to miss him.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Gil came and went with the wind on Days of Our Lives

"Who was that masked man" or rather who was that villain is what some viewers of Peacock's one and only soap opera are asking. "Gil" came and went in Salem so fast that some viewers may not have paid attention. He was a bad guy who had a short run on Days of Our Lives and was recently murdered by Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) when he tried to rape her. Gil was supposed to oversee the drug operation that was taking place at Ava's restaurant and she was forced to allow Gil to do business in her back room but Mr. Carter went too far.

Several soap spoilers simply referred to the character as Gil without a last name and did not mention the actor's real name. His face seemed familiar but when I tried looking up Gil from DOOL in the search engines I got nothing-absolutely nothing. That's how insignificant this character was. I had to read a number of spoilers before I found out his last name was Carter and his portrayer was David S Lee.

Who portrayed Gil on Days of Our Lives?

I kept wondering where I had seen this face before so myself and the many Days of Our Lives fans who have expressed interest in Gil Carter online here are some facts about his portrayer. If the name David S Lee name does not ring a bell but you know you have seen this man somewhere perhaps you may recognize him from some of his more prominent television and movie roles since he came to the US.

David Lee in South Africa

Lee is from South Africa where he began acting. He also has an impressive career and worked primarily in theater and television in his native country.

David completed a post graduate drama course at Drama Studio London, where he was nominated as Actor of the Year for his powerful and moving performance of "Othello".

His first film, "Paljas", was an official selection for the Academy Awards in 1998. His last film before departing for the United States, "Final Solution", produced by Messenger Films (USA), was an official selection at 11 film festivals and has earned 6 awards, including the I.C.V.M Award for best film.

Marvel calls

In 2017 David S Lee became a part of the Marvel family as the villainous character, "Limbani" in "Black Panther", which was released in 2018. He was also in the Amazon Prime short film, "The Boys" and portrayed Donald Ramsey in Chicago Fire. He also appeared in NCIS Los Angeles, The Librarians, and Baby Daddy.

Salem in the aftermath of Gil

The character Gil was sleazy and he conducted himself in a manner that fans suspected he might try to assault Ava. There just did not seem to be any good in this man and Gill is now dead. he was working for Clyde Weston (James Read) who is forcing Ava and Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash to do his bidding). Gil constantly reminded Ava that her son Tripp Johnson's ( Lucas Adams) life was in danger and now Stefan is being threatened that Gabby Hernandez (Camillas Banus) could die in prison.

Stefan and Ava working together to take down Clyde shoudl be fun to watch as they both can be pretty devious. Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives to find out how Ava and Stefan will get themselves out of this mess because it will no doubt be hilarious. Be on the lookout for news about David S Lee and his future roles.


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