Creed Is the Best Character on 'The Office'

by J. P. Frattini 8 months ago in tv

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Creed Is the Best Character on 'The Office'

Yes, we all love Michael Scott, Jim, Dwight, and pretty much the entire ensemble of The Office. With memorable moments, quotes, pranks, and even some tearjerking scenes, that show has become one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons in history. Every character (even Ryan) have likable qualities that still draw us to binge watching the series on Netflix at least once a month. But who was the greatest member of that cast of lovable goofballs?


Yup. Creed Bratton is the best character on the show. Allow me to explain:

First things first, Creed is a retired rock musician (just like the actor who played him, also named Creed Bratton). Just by that standpoint, he's already done more interesting things in his life than any other character, and in his old age he still get's up every day and comes to work with at least some level of enthusiasm. He's also seemingly homeless, with the only clue of a residence being him stating to Jim, "I live near the quarry." And in his sense of child-like fun, he enjoys throwing things into said quarry.

He's shrouded in mystery. We don't know where he came from, or even if Creed is his real name. Having claimed to have killed a man named Creed and taken his name, he's also claimed to have gotten the name in prison. So, either he killed someone or he went to jail. Or both. We don't know, and that's part of the charm considering he doesn't seem to know either.

He's also brutally honest, which is a very admirable trait. He even wrote a formal complaint to HR representative Toby about how he's sick of looking at "the redhead" (Meredith) all day, and would like a seat facing Pam. Now, I don't know if this makes me weird, but if Creed Bratton wanted to look at me all day, I'd feel flattered. In his last years of life, he would want to have them facing me. Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Going back to him having lived the most interesting life, he has both been a follower and a leader in multiple cults. Not even Dwight has done that, he just stays at his beet farm and brags about his "superior" genetics.

Then, probably one of the greatest achievements any character in the series could've accomplished, Creed became the regional manager. His decades of hard work paid off, and despite his supposedly senile and slightly-criminal nature, he reached the highest position in the branch. I guess running a cult helps with your management skills. Granted, it was only temporary, but only four other members of the main cast have gotten that position.

Speaking of being senile, we don't know if he's actually losing his mind. Maybe he's just playing us all for fools. Bratton could be manipulating the other characters as a method of keeping on the down-low. I wouldn't be surprised, considering it wasn't until the release of the documentary that he actually got caught by the cops.

And just to top the cake with some extra icing, this man was so savage that he faked his own death and was able to hide from the Scranton Police for over a year. Yes, he finally got caught for a long list of crimes, but this most likely wasn't the first time he had been arrested so I'm confident that if the show had continued, he would've easily escaped and started his life back up again.

The true international man of mystery: Creed Bratton, lead singer of the Grass Roots, LSD dealer, and cult leader, was truly the greatest character on The Office.

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